Maxspect JUMP  products are distinguished by their high-energy orange highlights. The cornerstones of the JUMP Series are affordability, efficiency, and dependability. If value is what matters most to you, JUMP is the right choice for you. Look for that striking orange color when you’re shopping for aquarium gear and choose Maxspect JUMP for years of trouble-free operation.

Maxspect JUMP L165 LED Light

With built-in WiFi control and Maxspect's proprietary full-spectrum multi-phase color temperature technology, the MJ-L165 can easily be configured to different color spectrums without sacrificing performance.


  • 65 Watts of power for reefs from 12-24"
  • 42 LEDs in 10 colors placed in 6 clusters
  • Mobile control with Syna-G Cloud app
  • The tank mount is included in the box
  • Moonlights with automated lunar cycle
  • Save profile settings and share them
  • Dims: 8.5" x 7" x 1.5" | Weight: 1.8 lbs

Maxspect JUMP SK Protein Skimmer

The AeraAqua Duo was 2019's most crtically acclaimed protein skimmer. The MJ-SK400 is its little brother. It has the same revolutionary dual-intake + dual-needwheel design, but costs half the price.


  • Rated for reef tanks from 100-265 gallons
  • Power: 25W | Air: 160 GPH | Flow: 320 GPH
  • Dims: 22" x 8" x 8" | Water Level: 7- 8¾"
  • DC controllable with Feed and Start delay
  • Integrated Overflow Detection Sensor in lid
  • Integrated bubble trap to prevent microbubbles
  • Integrated air silencer for near-silent operation

Maxspect JUMP GF Gyre Pumps

Maxspect MJ-GF pumps use crossflow technology to produce an evenly distributed linear flow that virtually eliminates dead spots. When the water bounces off the other side of your aquarium, it creates a full circulation to complete the Gyre pattern.


  • MJ-GF2K Flow: 739-1,849 GPH (for tanks 13-66 gallons)
  • MJ-GF4K Flow: 1,286-3,962 GPH (for tanks 13-118 gallons)
  • Near-silent operation using Sine Wave Technology
  • Fully programmable controller included with large display
  • Create a full 24-hour schedule using 5 different flow patterns

Maxspect JUMP DC Pumps

These four affordable entry-level centrifugal pumps are controllable, work for a variety of applications, and use Sine Wave Technology for near-silent operation. The performance-inspired design is modeled after a jet engine.

  • Flow rates range from 740 to 3,170 GPH
  • Max head pressure ranges from 14-16'
  • Quiet operation with Sine Wave Technology
  • Fittings are compatible with standard tubing sizes
  • 20 flow speeds, 2 pulse modes, and 3 feed modes
  • Controller with digital display included to adjust settings
  • Modeled after a jet engine with an easy-to-grip rubberized coating
  • 4 powerful pumps: MJ-DC6K, MJ-DC8K, MJ-DC10K, & MJ-DC12k

Hobbyists are jumping for joy about the JUMP series!