It’s never been easier to maintain water quality thanks to an array of specialty filter media. Dissolved organic compounds build up in all aquariums. Some are invisible while others create a yellow tint to the water. The yellow discoloration absorbs light in the blue spectrum, reducing penetration and PAR levels. Activated carbon adsorbs the organics, improving water quality and increasing light penetration and PAR.

Freshwater plants will often “pearl” or produce visible oxygen bubbles after adding fresh activated carbon. Reef-building corals will also have a positive response. We offer Reef Endurance, Aquaforest and Red Sea Reef Spec activated carbon products. All are reef-safe, virgin (not recycled) carbon products that you can use with confidence. Keep phosphate levels under control with Aquaforest Phosphate minus and our own German granular ferric oxide (GFO) media.

Fill your reactor with Two Little Fishies Reborn Calcium Reactor Media to maintain your reef’s calcium level. Biologically remove nitrates and phosphates with Biopsphere bio pellets. Looking for a reactor to make using media easier? Check out of full range of contactors and reactors for any size aquarium. You’ll find Reef Octopus and Aquaforest units to be easy to use and a welcome addition to your filtration system.

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  1. BioSphere Bio Pellets

    Starting at $55.99

  2. GFO Phosphate Adsorption Media

    Starting at $19.99

  3. IceCap Color Changing CO2 Absorbent Media 1kg
  4. Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres

    Starting at $24.99

  5. Aquaforest Carbon

    Starting at $13.99

  6. Aquaforest Life Bio Fil

    Starting at $20.99

  7. Aquaforest Phosphate Minus

    Starting at $18.99

  8. Aquaforest ZeoMix

    Starting at $11.99

  9. Aquaforest DI Resin 1L
  10. Reef Endurance Granular Activated Carbon
  11. Two Little Fishies REBORN Calcium Reactor Media 4Kg (8.8lbs)
  12. Two Little Fishies Little REBORN Calcium Reactor Media 4Kg (8.8lbs)
  13. Red Sea REEF SPEC Carbon 100ml
  14. Red Sea REEF SPEC Carbon 500ml
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