Circulation Pumps

Having a dependable circulation pump on your filtration system provides peace of mind and guarantees your fish and corals have clean, safe water. We carry the world’s leading brands of state-of-the-art water pumps. Need a small pump for your nano reef? We’ve got Icecap EVO and Reef Octopus Aquatrance pumps. You’ll also find powerful DC flow pumps like the Varios and Maxspect JUMP series. For large reef tanks requiring high flow rates, be sure to check out the Abyzz line of commercial-grade DC controllable pumps. No matter what size aquarium, we’ve got a flow pump for it.

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  1. IceCap EVO Water Pumps
  2. Aquatrance 800 Water Pump
  3. Aquatrance 3000 Water Pump
  4. OTP 300 Water Pump
  5. Maxspect Turbine Duo 9K
    Special Price $150.00 Regular Price $299.99
  6. Maxspect Turbine Duo 6K
    Special Price $120.00 Regular Price $259.99
  7. Vectra L2 Centrifugal Return Pump - Ecotech Marine
  8. Maxspect Turbine Duo 12K
    Special Price $200.00 Regular Price $389.99
  9. Abyzz A200 IPU 3,800GPH Controllable DC Pump

    Starting at $2,199.99

  10. Abyzz A400 IPU 4,900 GPH Controllable DC Pump

    Starting at $2,849.99

  11. Abyzz A1200 IPU-5M 18,000GPH Controllable DC Pump
  12. Maxspect JUMP DC Water Pumps

    Starting at $199.99

  13. Aquatrance 1200 Water Pump
  14. Aquatrance 1500 Water Pump
  15. Aquatrance 1800 Water Pump
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