Controllers & Testing

Aquarium automation is the use of electronic devices to monitor and control key functions in your aquarium. Automation makes keeping a reef aquarium simpler by continuously monitoring and controlling important parameters. IceCap automatic top-offs (ATOs) automatically add reverse osmosis water to the aquarium, maintaining the proper water level and salinity.

ATOs are especially helpful when you can’t manually add water to your sump, like when away on vacation and business trip. The Kamoer Wi-Fi controlled dosing pumps allows you to add precise amounts of two-part calcium additives, trace elements and even liquid food!

Want more control? The Hydros control system lets you connect an almost limitless array of sensors and devices to a single hub, allowing an easy way to get all your equipment speaking the same language. You’ll be able to track temperature, pH, ORP, water level, flow, leaks, outlets and more.

If your keeping corals you want to closely monitor the KH level. The Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller automatically monitors and maintains carbonate hardness values of your aquarium throughout the day. Even with all this helpful automation, you’ll want to periodically test your water for strontium, nitrate and other important water quality parameters. We carry the top test kit brands including Aquaforest and Giesemann.

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  1. Icecap Gyre Interface Module
  2. PINPOINT pH High Precision Calibration Fluid

    Starting at $0.99

  3. Smart Security System Combo Set

    As low as $159.99

  4. Dosetronic
    Special Price $559.99 Regular Price $699.99
  5. FW110 High Amperage Float Switch
  6. Protein Skimmer Auto Time Delay
  7. KH Guardian Reagent
  8. Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller
  9. Alkatronic Concentrated Reagent

    Starting at $27.50

  10. Smart ATO Micro 120P
  11. IceCap ATO
  12. HYDROS WaveEngine Direct Drive Pump Adapters

    Starting at $11.99

  13. Programable Outlet Strip with Surge Protection
  14. Advanced Interface Module (AIM)
  15. Smart ATO Automatic Top Off System
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