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There are several types of water pumps used on reef aquariums. Return pumps are used to circulate water through the filtration system. These pumps keep aquarium water moving through the sump, filter socks, bagged media in the sump, reactors and contact chambers. Abyzz and Maxspect Turbine Duo controllable water pumps allow you to dial in the exact flow rate and pause times. For simple return duties the Reef Octopus Aquatrance submersible water pumps are available in a variety of flow rates. They’re great for feeding powering reactors too. Reef Octopus Various DC controllable water pumps bring it to the next level for the ultimate in adjustability for protein skimmers. You can even control the pumps wirelessly through your smart device! In-tank flow pumps provide water movement that benefits corals, fish and live rock by flushing away waste and bringing fresh, oxygenated water to the aquatic life. Maxspect Gyre, OctoPulse and IceCap Wi-Fi-controlled flow pumps put water movement just where you want it. These specialty flow pumps prevent dead spots in your tank while washing your reef with gentle ebb and flow wave patterns. Don’t forget dosing pumps for automatic additions of trace elements, foods, two-part calcium supplements and more. Kamoer peristaltic pumps are built for continuous duty and can be controlled through a smart device. We’re also your source for high-quality true union ball valves and other reef plumbing supplies.

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  1. Water Blaster 2000 Water Pump
  2. Water Blaster 3000 Water Pump
  3. Water Blaster 5000 Water Pump
  4. Water Blaster 7000 Water Pump
  5. Water Blaster 10000 Water Pump
  6. Water Blaster 12500 Water Pump
  7. Aquatrance 1800 Water Pump
  8. Aquatrance 800 Water Pump
  9. Aquatrance 1200 Water Pump
  10. IceCap EVO Water Pumps
  11. Maxspect JUMP Gyre Pump 4K
  12. Maxspect JUMP Gyre Flow Pump

    Starting at $189.99

  13. Aquatrance 3000 Water Pump
  14. Maxspect XF280 Gyre + Advanced Controller (Bundle)
  15. Maxspect XF230 Gyre + Advanced Controller (Bundle)
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