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  1. Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller
  2. Alkatronic Check Valve
  3. pH Probe for Alkatronic
  4. Dosetronic
  5. Alkatronic Replacement Pump Motors

    Starting at $85.00

  6. Power Supply for Alkatronic
  7. Alkatronic Concentrated Reagent

    Starting at $27.50

  8. Alkatronic Reagent Tubing (1.6mm)
  9. Alkatronic Tubing for Pumps A, B and D (3.2mm)
  10. Alkatronic Quiet Kit Upgrade
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Focustronic entered the reef hobby with their Focus 1 moving head LED fixture. It was designed to mimic the sun’s overhead movement throughout the day. The upgraded Focus 2 fixtures include two moving LED heads and two fixed LED arrays for more even lighting and natural sun-like movements. 

The Alkatronic alkalinity controller came next. It's captured the imagination of the reef hobby by providing automatic alkalinity measurement and dosing. Maintaining stable dKH and pH improves calcification rates of reef-building corals. Focustronic makes it easy to monitor, track, and maintain the alkalinity in your reef aquarium. Focustronic continues to support and upgrade its flagship Alkatronic making it easier to enjoy your coral reef aquarium. 

The new 5-channel Dosetronic stabilizes water chemistry with fully automated dispensing of calcium and other supplements. It works in conjunction with the Alkatronic and uses the data it collects to make precise adjustments.

Mastertronic is the next automatic water-testing device from Focustronic. It fills the gap between Alkatronic and test kits you already use at home. Except with the Mastertronic, you no longer have to perform the actual tests yourself. The  Mastertronic does it for you! 

It measures phosphate, nitrate, calcium, and magnesium. Focustronic even left space for future tests to be added. For now the Foucstronicuses reagents from the best test kit brands on the market. This means you get reliable data from companies you trust but with the convenience of not having to do the tests yourself. 

The Masteronic is built for and longevity and constructed with high-quality materials. State-of-the-art photometrics and advanced algorithmic computation combine to deliver more precise, more consistent, and more accurate test results than ever thought possible. The Mastertronic can also be set up to use the auto-correction feature of the Dosetronic to so each dosing channel automatically adjusts its supplemenation to achieve rock-solid stablility.