Aquariums & Cabinets

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  1. OCTO LUX T60 32gal Aquarium System

    Starting at $1,425.00

  2. OCTO LUX T90 48gal Aquarium System

    Starting at $1,800.00

  3. Red Sea Reefer Nano System (28 Gal)
  4. Red Sea Reefer 170 System (34 Gal)
  5. Red Sea Reefer 250 System (65 Gal)
  6. Red Sea Reefer 350 System (91 Gal)
  7. Red Sea Reefer 450 System (116 Gal)
  8. Reefer XL 425 Complete System (112 Gal)
  9. Reefer XL 525 Complete System (130 Gal)
  10. Reefer XXL 625 Complete System (133 Gal)
  11. Reefer XXL 750 Complete System (200 Gal)
  12. Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500 (105 Gal)
  13. Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650 (140 Gal)
  14. JBJ 28G Nano Cube

    Starting at $148.81

  15. JBJ 8 Gallon Rimless Flat Panel with Lyra 10w LED
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No matter what size aquarium you have, it should be constructed of high-quality materials and look attractive in your home or office. But there’s more to consider that just good looks. In order to support the weight of a fully “loaded” aquarium, the stand must be constructed of strong materials with proper bracing to strengthen the cabinet. Whether you’re starting with a nano tank or full-size reef build, there should be no compromise in the quality of the aquarium or stand. That’s why we offer aquariums and stands from manufacturers with a proven track record including Lux aquarium systems from Reef Octopus, Red Sea Reefer and JBJ.

Octo Lux aquariums are manufactured using low iron glass for a crystal-clear view. You’ll be able to see the true colors of your fish and corals. The rimless aquarium is sealed with German-made Wacker adhesives for lifetime reliability. The Lux aquariums feature a unique slim overflow along the back of the tank. The Lux aquariums include a filter sump, protein skimmer and return pump. The Lux designs feature a contemporary look with unsurpassed attention to detail that fits into any decor and lifestyle.