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  1. Maxspect JUMP LED Light (65 watts)
  2. Maxspect Commercial LED Floodlight
  3. IceCap VHO Wire Harness
  4. Maxspect Razor 320w LED Lighting Fixture
  5. Maxspect Razor 180w LED Lighting Fixture
  6. Maxspect Razor 130w LED Lighting Fixture
  7. 12K ReefLux 400w Mogul Base (SE) Bulbs
  8. MegaChrome Marine Metal Halide Bulb

    Starting at $75.99

  9. MegaChrome Coral Metal Halide Bulb

    Starting at $84.99

  10. MegaChrome Crystal Metal Halide Bulb

    Starting at $85.99

  11. MegaChrome Blue Metal Halide Bulb

    Starting at $84.99

  12. IceCap 430 VHO Ballast 120vac 60hz
  13. IceCap VHO Extension Wire Harness
  14. Maxspect Ethereal LED Fixture

    Starting at $49.99

  15. IceCap 250w Selectable Wattage Electronic Ballast
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Proper aquarium lighting creates the illusion of depth, illuminates the aquascape and highlights the color of your fish, plants and invertebrates. Live plants, corals and other invertebrates require the proper light spectrum and intensity in to remain healthy in your aquarium. These photosynthetic organisms obtain much of their life-sustaining energy from the sun. That’s why high-quality aquarium lighting is so important. No two aquariums are the same. That’s why we carry the latest aquarium lighting fixtures from Maxspect, Giesemann, Philips, Aqua Illumination and more. We have all the hybrid reef lighting fixtures in LED/T-5 and metal halide/T-5 configurations from Giesemann. You’ll also find the very best LED aquarium lighting from Maxspect, Aqua Illumination and Eco Tech Marine. It’s important to properly mount or hang the light fixture above the aquarium. DIY rigging is often unattractive and downright dangerous. Take no chances with your lighting investment. We stock the OEM mounting hardware that is made specifically for each model light fixture. Rails, clamps, mounts and hanging gear, we have it all. This ensures the fit and finish are perfect. Your light fixture will be safely mounted and look great too!