CoralCare Chronicles, Part 1: Tired of T5's Shortcomings, Philips Engineer Luc Vogels Has a Bright Idea for a New Reef Aquarium Light

Philips CoralCare Chronicles, Part 1
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CoralCare Chronicles, Part 1: Tired of T5's Shortcomings, Philips Engineer Luc Vogels Has a Bright Idea for a New Reef Aquarium Light

Luc Vogels' Reef Aquarium with Philips CoralCare Gen1 LightingLuc Vogels' Reef Aquarium with Philips CoralCare Gen1 Lighting
Luc Vogels, an electronic engineer and reef hobbyist in the Netherlands, came up with concept for the Philips CoralCare.


The Philips CoralCare Project, like many reef aquarium breakthroughs, began in the mind of a hobbyist.

Luc Vogels had been keeping reef aquariums since 2007. But Luc is not your typical aquarist. He’s an Electronic Engineer at Philips Lighting, a 129-year-old multinational conglomerate that is world-renown for pioneering new lighting technology.


Luc was using T5 lighting on his reef tank and was happy with his coral’s growth and color. But the heat produced by the T5s and the frequent need to replace the bulbs led Luc to look for a better way.


Philips CoralCare Engineer Luc Vogels' Reef AquariumPhilips CoralCare Engineer Luc Vogels' Reef Aquarium
Luc started this aquarium on August 30, 2013. Pretty sweet build if you ask us!


He was familiar with LED reef lighting, but wasn’t convinced the current technology produced the same quality light as conventional T5s. Working for Philips, Luc felt the company could use its LED lighting know-how to develop a better LED reef lighting system. He pitched the idea to the company management and received approval to start what became the CoralCare Project.


Philips CoralCare Engineer Luc Vogel's Aquarium When it Was Still Illuminated by T5Philips CoralCare Engineer Luc Vogel's Aquarium When it Was Still Illuminated by T5
Luc's tank was originally illuminated by 16 x 54 Watt T5 Bulbs.

From Bright Idea to Working Prototype

After considerable research and engineering with experimental LED systems, two prototype designs were ready for real-world testing. In April of 2014, Luc replaced the sixteen 54-watt T5 bulbs over his 275-gallon reef with the new Philips prototype LED fixtures. The only difference in the prototypes was the lighting distribution system. The spectral output was the same.

Philips Engineer Luc Vogels Progress Shots During CoralCare Gen1 TestingPhilips Engineer Luc Vogels Progress Shots During CoralCare Gen1 Testing
If you look closely at the 7 month progress picture, you can see two lighting distribution techniques Luc was experimenting with between the left and right side of his reef.


This gave Luc a chance to compare the performance of the new LED designs on a reef aquarium he built and managed himself. The benefit was Luc knew every coral in his tank and had complete control of all possible variables in the test. It took confidence in the new technology to swap out the T5s for experimental LED prototypes. Over an eight-month period, Luc saw that the corals were responding positively to the new fixtures. In December 2014, he settled on a single prototype design to continue using on his reef.


Luv Vogel of Philips Experienced Abundant Coral Growth Under the CoralCare Gen1 Prototype LightsLuv Vogel of Philips Experienced Abundant Coral Growth Under the CoralCare Gen1 Prototype Lights
The Gen1 CoralCare was designed to achieve an optimal balance between coral growth and a natural appearance of the reef.


As you can see from the progress pictures accompanying this post, the project was a success!

"I am very satisfied with the progress and growth results of my reef," Luc said at the time. "The corals grow healthy, have a natural shape, and show vivid colors. The natural appearance and color rendering of the daytime setting is very pleasing and I enjoy the fluorescent effect of the corals during the saturated bluish evening setting."


But wait! There's more...

This was the birth of the first generation of the Philips CoralCare LED fixtures back in 2016. But the story doesn’t end here. In our next installment, we’ll tell you how the CoralCare fixtures were improved based on feedback from reef hobbyist's and Luc's research.


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