2020 Guide for Optimal Water Flow and Turnover in a Coral Reef Aquarium

Author Michael Paletta distills 20 years of reef keeping experience into this comprehensive report on optimal water flow and turnover in a modern reef aquarium. Mike covers a wide variety of topics, including why water flow is so important to corals, types of flow, and different pumps and approaches he has tried to achieve adequate flow in his reef tanks. He also reveals data he collected from 20 successful reef hobbyists and what the average turnover rate is for some of the healthiest reef aquariums in the world.

2 months ago

How Young People Are Changing Change The World: Our Interview with Melati and Isabel Wijsen, Founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Growing up in Bali and surrounded by the ocean, Melati and Isabel Wijsen couldn't play in the rice fields or walk on the beach without seeing plastic bags littering their homeland. At the age of 12 and 10, they decided to do something about and founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags in 2013. Six years later, the governor of Bali banned plastic bags on the entire island.

2 months ago

CoralCare Chronicles, Part 3: Coming to America! The CoralCare Gen2 Boasts a Slimmer Design, Wireless Control

After years of perfecting the manufacturing process, which is key to providing consistent quality and dependability, the second generation of the CoralCare was released in Europe this summer. Reef aquarium hobbyists in the USA will finally be able to purchase a Philips CoralCare of their very own in September 2020.

2 months ago

CoralCare Chronicles, Part 2: Philips Gives Green Light to Gen1.1; Debuts Improved Color Mixing, Higher Par, and More Housing Colors at Interzoo 2018

Two years after the launch of the original CoralCare, Philips released the Gen1.1 in the Spring of 2018. The new version featured upgraded optics, spectrum, and new housing color options.

2 months ago

Opinion: The Aquarium Hobby Needs More Youth Voices

For any hobby—fishkeeping included—to not die out, the next generation must be included. If youth voices are not heard within the aquarium community, then our hobby may eventually cease to exist. We must act now so fishkeeping avoids the same fate as other bygone hobbies like model building or woodworking.

3 months ago

A Reef Legend and a Reef Robot: How the Alkatronic Helped Me Achieve Stable Alkalinity After 30 Of Years Trying

Even after three decades keeping reef aquariums, stable alkalinity was still elusive to Mike Paletta. He had tried an alkalinity controller before called the KH Guardian, but found it to be unreliable. Will the Alkatronic live up to the hype and Mike's high standards? 

4 months ago

The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Aquarium Hobby: The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown

One of North America’s leading saltwater aquarists, Mike Paletta, explores the good, the bad, and the unknown impacts of COVID0-19 on the aquarium industry and the hobby we hold dear.

4 months ago

CoralCare Chronicles, Part 1: Tired of T5's Shortcomings, Philips Engineer Luc Vogels Has a Bright Idea for a New Reef Aquarium Light

The Philips CoralCare Project, like many reef aquarium breakthroughs, began in the mind of a hobbyist. Luc Vogels had been keeping reef aquariums since 2007. But Luc is not your typical aquarist. He’s an Electronic Engineer at Philips Lighting, a 129-year-old multinational conglomerate that is world-renown for pioneering new lighting technology.

4 months ago

Luc Vogels Interview, Part 1: Reef News Network Quizzes CoralCare Creator About Philips New Reef Light (FULL AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT)

Peter Cherrick of the Reef News Network sits down with Luc Vogels from Philips to discuss the US launch of the CoralCare Gen2 LED Light.

4 months ago

Luc Vogels Interview, Part 2: Reef News Network Quizzes CoralCare Creator About Philips New Reef Light (FULL AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT)

Join us for Part 2 of the Reef News Network podcast interview with Luc Vogels from Philips about the US release of the CoralCare Gen2 LED Light.

4 months ago