Using specialty filtration media has never been easier thanks to media contactors and reactors designed by companies like IceCap, Aquaforest and Reef Octopus. Reactors are designed to hold filter media like GFO, activated carbon and calcium reactor media in a stand-alone chamber. Water flow and velocity is regulated independently from return pump flow. This allows for ideal contact time with the media. Reactors and media contactors make it easier to use filter media too. Just load it with media and adjust the flow rate. Reactors free-up valuable filter sump space for a refugium, return pump and other life-support devices. 

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  1. IceCap CO2 Scrubber

    Starting at $69.99

  2. Reef Octopus Light Reactor

    Starting at $459.99

  3. IceCap Kalk Mixing Reactor

    Starting at $269.99

  4. Aquaforest Media Reactor

    Starting at $119.99

  5. IceCap Algae Turf Scrubber

    Starting at $179.99

  6. BioChurn 05T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  7. VarioS CR3000 Dual 7inch Chamber Calcium Reactor
  8. Reef Octopus KS100 Nilson Kalk Reactor
  9. MF300B Complete Media Reactor
  10. MF800B Complete Media Reactor
  11. MF 1000 Advanced Media Reactor
  12. MF 2000 Advanced Media Reactor
  13. BioChurn 10T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  14. BioChurn 20T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  15. Octopus BioReact 150 Space Saver with Varios2
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