Kamoer X1/X4 Dosing Pump Tubing

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Included tubing for the Kamoer Liquid Dosing pumps

Clear PVC Tubing for the use with any Kamoer* dosing pump.

Sold in 5ft section

IMPORTANT: Not compatible with FX-STP Units

Kamoer X1/X4 Dosing Pump Tubing

Clear PVC tubing included in any Kamoer dosing pump.

Dosing tubing sold in 5ft section.

Replace hose after a running time of around 600hours or 50,000 dosing times (which ever comes first).


  • Sold in 5ft sections
  • PVC Tube Size: ID*OD 3*5mm
  • NOT compatible with Kamoer FX-STP Units
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