IceCap 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis

Water Filtration System

The IceCap RO/DI water filtration system is a four-stage reverse osmosis de-ionization filter system that effectively removes up to 99% of tap water impurities. IceCap RO/DI system does not require a power source and can be installed within minutes to create the perfect water for your freshwater aquarium, saltwater, as well as reef aquariums.

IceCap 4 Stage RODIIceCap 4 Stage RODI

Why there is a need for Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems?

The water you add to your aquarium has a tremendous influence on the long-term success of your aquarium. While tap way may meet drinking water standards, in most cases it is unacceptable for aquarium use. Your water supply is likely treated with phosphate-based anti-corrosion chemicals and chlorine disinfectants. Nitrates, heavy metals and other contaminants can make reef-keeping difficult. Fortunately, a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system will make your tap water reef safe.


IceCap 4 Stage RODIIceCap 4 Stage RODI

How It Works?

The IceCap RO/DI system is purpose-built for making the purest water for your aquarium. The four-stage filtration system starts by capturing tiny particles of iron oxide (rust), sand and other grit that can clog the RO. Next, the water passes through an activated carbon cartridge that removes chlorine disinfectants and organic chemicals. The water then passes through the RO membrane where nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals are removed from the water. The last stage uses deionization to remove any trace pollutants, like silicates, from the water.

IceCap 4-Stage RO/DI Features

The ultra-pure RO/DI water is perfect for mixing saltwater, topping off and making water changes. We also carry all the maintenance parts and replacement filters to keep your purification system running smoothly.

Available in 4 models: 75gpd, 100gpd, 150gpd, and 200gpd

Durable Clear Filter Canisters with Dual Seals

Standard size 10" filter housing is clear so that you can visually ensure your filter is operating at its optimal flow and capacity. Dual o-ring provides a secure leak-free seal. Each canister is labeled for the user's convenience.

Glycerin-Filled Pressure Gauge

Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes require a certain amount of pressure to operate efficiently. Typically, the system pressure drops occur when the prefilters need changing. A pressure gauge assures proper pressure is being supplied to the RO membrane. Glycerin filled pressure gauges absorb vibration to reduce sound when operating, and it is less likely to get stuck. It will also increase service life.

Dow Filmtec RO Membrane

A RO/DI unit only works as well as its membrane performs. That is why we choose DOW Filmtec™ membranes for our RODI units. Hands down, DOW produces the best reverse osmosis membranes available and is the industry leader when it comes to water treatment and filtration. Their membrane has up to a 99% rejection ratio and meets NSF/ANSI standards.

Manual Flush Valve

The membrane flush/flow restrictor valve is an all-in-one flow restrictor equipped with a flush valve for easy, worry-free use. Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane flush/flow restrictor valves increase the flow to the membrane by bypassing the flow restrictor when the valve is opened. This helps flush deposits and significantly increases the usable life of the RO membrane. Flushing the membrane is advised before and after each use for a few seconds, or every few weeks for several minutes as part of regular reverse osmosis system maintenance.

Ability to Upgrade

The IceCap RO/DI units can be easily upgraded to higher flow models and accessories. The 75gpd can be upgraded to a 100gpd, 150gpd, or even up to a 200gpd with just a few simple modifications. Additional prefilters, TDS, meters, and booster pump kits for boosting performance and efficiency can all be added to any IceCap RO/DI unit. A full range of reverse osmosis accessories can be found here


Monitor Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), such as salts or minerals within your reverse osmosis system with this hardy and reliable meter.

These water-saving upgrade kits are an easy way to increase the production of any 75 GPD or 150 GPD IceCap Reverse Osmosis Systems.

The IceCap Dual Stage DI systems are designed to effectively treat filtered water before using it in your aquarium.