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  1. Abyzz A200-3M DC Pump (OPEN BOX)
  2. Abyzz A200 IPU 3,800GPH Controllable DC Pump

    Starting at $2,199.99

  3. Abyzz A400 IPU 4,900 GPH Controllable DC Pump

    Starting at $2,849.99

  4. Abyzz A1200 IPU-5M 18,000GPH Controllable DC Pump
    Out of stock
  5. Abyzz Pump Volute Cover

    Starting at $24.00

  6. Abyzz A100 1,880GPH Controllable DC Pump
  7. Abyzz A400-10M EU 4,800GPH DC Pump
  8. Abyzz A400 4,800 GPH Controllable DC Pump

    Starting at $2,599.99

  9. Abyzz A200 3,750GPH Controllable DC Pump

    Starting at $1,899.99

  10. Abyzz AFC400 Commercial Flow Pump
    Out of stock
  11. Abyzz 3rd Party Controller Interface

    Starting at $184.99

  12. Abyzz Inline Strainer
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Abyzz pumps and controllers are manufactured in Germany using the highest quality components and design features. Manufactured to industrial specifications, Abyzz water pumps are powerful with high flow rates, extended-duty pump shafts and bearings, and quiet operation. The pumps feature a rare earth neodymium magnetic rotor assembly encased in corrosion-proof titanium. This allows the pump housing to remain compact while producing high flow rates. The A100 pump is a small pump with world-class performance. Abyzz water pumps run on 12-volt DC power, making them idea for a variety of aquarium applications like driving protein skimmers and return pump duty. All Abyzz pumps are controlled by advanced programmable menu-controlled electronic driver, allowing precise control over all flow functions. MCFS (Menu Controlled Flow Sequencer) provides a soft start-up along with water flow programs like random, wave, pulse, etc. All Abyzz pumps have a 10-year warranty.