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  1. Klir Fleece Filter Di-4
  2. Klir Fleece Filter Di-7
  3. Klir Fleece Filter Di-7 (OPEN BOX)
    Special Price $200.00 Regular Price $249.99
  4. Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 (OPEN BOX)
    Special Price $160.00 Regular Price $199.99
  5. Klir 50 Micron Fleece Roll

    Starting at $13.99

  6. Clean Roll Spindle for Klir Filter

    Starting at $3.00

  7. Set of Filter Sock Adapters (2) for Klir Filters

    Starting at $10.00

  8. Klir Flow Diverting Cap

    Starting at $15.99

  9. Waste Spindle for Klir Filter

    Starting at $5.00

  10. Klir Di-4 Filter Bracket
  11. Klir Di-7 Filter Bracket
  12. Klir 2m Extension Cable
  13. Klir Filter Vent Tubes
  14. Klir Filter Motor Assembly
  15. Klir Controller Y Cable
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The Klir fleece filter provides a dramatic improvement over traditional filter socks. With filter socks organic matter like algae cells, solid waste and food particles captured in the fabric stays in the aquarium water flow. This organic debris immediately starts decomposing. If the filter sock is not rinsed out every few days, the decaying debris will release dissolved organics and nutrients like phosphate and nitrate into the water. All this can be avoided with the Klir filter. The Klir system uses a roll of fleece filter. As water passes through the fleece filter material organics are trapped and locked into the fibers. Rather than allowing the filter to clog and release pollutants, the Klir filter automatically rolls up and removes the dirty filter from the water stream. A new clean section of fresh fleece replaces it, continuing the filtration process. Nutrients and organics are removed from the water and the aquarium stays crystal clear.