AF Micro (200ml)

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AF Micro (200ml)

Highly concentrated basic fertilizer with a complete set of micronutrients necessary for the optimal development of aquarium plants. The uniquely created formula was designed to provide plants with essential elements such as copper, manganese, iron, molybdenum, zinc, boron. A regular dosage of the AF Micro allows providing the right amount of bio-elements necessary for the proper, healthy, and flourishing growth of aquatic plants. The unique formula ensures a significant acceleration of plant growth, but also their intense colors and healthy look. Micronutrients are involved in the formation of chlorophyll, biosynthesis of proteins and in many biochemical transformations. Deficiencies cause photosynthesis process disorders, chlorosis, leaf deformation, but also the inhibition of growth and development. AF Micro, as a perfectly digestible composition of bioavailable elements, guarantees a healthy look of aquarium plants. AF Micro is perfect for heavily-planted aquariums.


8 drops per day or 4 ml AF Micro per 100l of water once a week. Recommended parallel use with AF Macro, AF Carbon Boost, or AF PO4 Boost and AF N Boost. Parallel supplementation with other micronutrient formulas should not be carried out due to the risk of plant overexposure. Absorbents such as zeolite and/or carbon may reduce the effectiveness of the formula.

1 ml in 10 l of aquarium water will raise levels:

Mo Molybdenum 0,0012 mg/l (ppm)
Ni Nickel 0,00021 mg/l (ppm)
Mn Manganese 0,25 mg/l (ppm)
Co Cobalt 0,0003 mg/l (ppm)
Fe Iron 0,38 mg/l (ppm)
Zn Zinc 0,037 mg/l (ppm)
Mg Magnesium 1,2 mg/l (ppm)
Ca Calcium 0,45 mg/l (ppm)
K Potassium 8,16 mg/l (ppm)
B Boron 0,021 mg/l (ppm)
Sr Strontium 0,02 mg/l (ppm)
Br Bromine 0,004 mg/l (ppm)
Ti Titanium 0,00345 mg/l (ppm)
Cu Copper 0,005 mg/l (ppm)



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