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How to choose the right protein skimmer


SIZE: Every skimmer has a minimum and maximum capacity of water purification and choosing the appropriate skimmer for your system is very important. Generally speaking, a skimmer size should be matched to your bioload and system. Of course, the biomass and the average amount of food added affect the requirements of water purification and filtration equipment to an extent. Aquarium enthusiasts should make decisions by the actual situation. Key elements to look for when choosing the right size skimmer for your system: processing rate, air pull, design and most importantly neck size.

STYLE: No matter what obstacle your faced with we have a skimmer for you. We have a large selection of

Hang-on-Back:  Powerful skimmer filtration for those that choose to go sumpless

Sump Saver: Provide powerful filtration with a small footprint

Traditional: Pump mounted to the side with hybrid conical body. For those that have the sump space and want to max out on the performance

Recirculating: The ultimate in external filtration, precision control and performance.