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Sumps & Refugiums

Feb 25 (27 days ago)
Icecap 36xl
Hello I found this sump on your site but can’t find where to buy it anywhere. IceCap 36XL Reef Sump SKU: IC-RS-36XL with Passive Flow Refugium Footprint: 36in x 23.5in x 16in | Dual 1.5in drain | Du...
Jan 23 (61 days ago)
Icecap 30
I have a reef ready 90 gal tank. I only have 1 drain hose. Connecting to the sump, would I use a T adapter or only use 1 pipe and cap the other off? Thank you If you only have one drain then you only ...
Jan 01, 2018
IceCap Reef Sump 36XL
No, unfortunately we do not do custom work. Sorry about that. I've been looking for a new sump for a while and just happened to come across the icecap series of sumps on a Facebook page. I really ...
Dec 13, 2017
icecap 30 sump: refugium?
Loving the design of the icecap 30 sump, but I'd really love it if the water reservoir could find use as a refugium. Is this possible to purchase one as such?
Jul 16, 2014
Sizing and Price for Elos 500 sump?
Bob, See attached for the ELOS sump specifications. 8027876050061 EL-TSUMP500 Sump 500 with pump $699.99 Call me if you would like to place an order for the sump. Chris 985-718-1465 Can you pleas...
Mar 07, 2014
Replacement Filter Socks
Where can I purchase more filter socks for your 36" sump? The filter socks are 4" and have the removable rings. Please contact our sales office at 985-718-1467 for pricing and availability.
Feb 13, 2014
18" HOB refugium pump replacement?
My pump quit on my refugium I need a replacement. What pump do I need and where can I get one at? A link to a web site would be nice. Thanks Jason I am pr...