Salt & Maintenance

We stock the finest marine salts and fragging supplies available anywhere. There’s no need to wonder which salt to use in your reef aquarium. You’ll find an Aquaforest salt blend that’s perfect for your reef’s needs. Probiotic Reef Salt is formulated for tanks containing cultured corals. The blend of micronutrients macro elements creates conditions suitable for proper coral growth and pigmentation. The salt formula also contains dormant probiotic bacteria that activate once in your aquarium. These beneficial microbes reduce nitrates and phosphates and also inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the marine aquarium. If your keeping a fish or FOWLER aquarium, Aquaforest Sea Salt is perfect for these less-demanding saltwater aquariums. Everyone’s fragging their corals and we’ve got the supplies you need. From Maxspect coral glue to IceCap magnetic frag racks, you’ll find everything you need right here.

CoralVue is your headquarters for top-quality marine salts and maintenance gear. We stock the best brands of marine salt from AquaForest and RedSeaKeeping your tank’s glass clean is easy with a magnetic Flipper algae scraper. Flipper scrapers are available in sizes for any size job ranging from nano to full size aquarium. If you’re a fragger, we have all the tools you need to start propagating corals. We have coral saws, clippers, reef-safe glue and frag plugs. Don’t forget to pick up an Icecap frag holder to keep your frags safe and secure. We carry a complete line of micron filter socks to keep your water sparkling clear. Be sure to check out or selection of net, fish traps and tongs. Having the right tools makes keeping your reef tank looking great quick and easy. 

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  1. Red Sea Salt

    Starting at $27.99

  2. Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Starting at $29.99

  3. Aquaforest Probiotic Salt Mix

    Starting at $23.99

  4. Aquaforest Reef Salt

    Starting at $17.99

  5. Aquaforest Sea Salt

    Starting at $13.49

  6. Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt

    Starting at $12.99

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