Reverse Osmosis

IceCap's latest innovative aquarium product was developed for today's aquarist seeking an efficient reverse osmosis system with easy management. The IceCap SMART RO/DI is the first fully automated four-stage reverse osmosis de-ionization filter system that efficiently removes up to 99% of tap water impurities.

Functions of the IceCap SMART System Controller

  • Fully automated water management
  • Bright digital display
  • Status readings
  • Leak detector with audible alarm
  • 3 Point TDS readout with filter change notification
  • Automatic membrane flush
  • Timer or manual mode operation
  • Back pressure electronic shut-off Robust & Eco-Friendly Design
  • Tested to obtain ~1:2 product/waste water ratio*
  • High efficiency booster pump
  • Power saving mode
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  1. IceCap 4 Stage RO/DI Systems

    Starting at $149.99

  2. IceCap Reverse Osmosis Membrane Upgrade Kit

    Starting at $49.99

  3. Icecap Manual RO Membrane Flush Valve

    Starting at $8.00

  4. IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System
  5. IceCap Dual DI Filter Canister
  6. IceCap 5 Micron CTO Carbon Block Reverse Osmosis Pre-filter
  7. IceCap 1 Micron PP Sediment Reverse Osmosis Pre-filter
  8. IceCap 5 Micron PP Sediment Reverse Osmosis Pre-filter
  9. IceCap Deionization Resin

    Starting at $11.99

  10. IceCap Magnet Mount Float Valve
  11. Icecap RO/DI Water Leakage Sensor
  12. Icecap RO/DI Wire Harness
  13. Icecap RO/DI Universal Wrench
  14. Icecap RO/DI TDS Probe
  15. IceCap Single Canister Package
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