Reef Octopus OR150 Ozone Reactor

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Rated for Aquariums up to 1000 Gallons

Footprint: 10″ x 7″ | Body Diameter: 6"″ | Height: 26″ 
Required feed pump: 800GPH

It’s Clear… the results will amaze you.

These reactors are for those of you that desire crystal clear water and want to raise your ORP (Oxygen Redox Potential) safely and efficiently by injecting ozone into the system, look no further than the Reef Octopus Ozone Reactor. Unlike injecting ozone into a protein skimmer, this intricate reactor is specifically designed to extend the dwell time between the ozone and the water; Producing exceptional crystal clear/sterile aquarium water.

How OR-150 Works

The Reef Octopus OCT-OR150 ozone reactor is designed to allow contact of seawater in a low pressure degassing chamber filled with ozonated air. The efficiency of this process is maximized by balancing water throughput with contact time as water is dispersed over a bed of bio-balls or HDPE ribbon media in an atmosphere of rich ozonated air. This large amount of surface area within the degassing chamber allows for much better gas exchange and oxidation potential of organic material than simply injecting ozone into column of water like a protein skimmer. Within the degassing chamber the ozone rich atmosphere and the water separate allowing the atmospheric ozone passes through our unique Residual Ozone Filter and the purified water to exit the output at the bottom. Although the atmospheric ozone is separated it is suggested that the water exiting the output run over a bag of carbon so the ozone oxidation by-products can be removed. This unique path of water flow, coupled with the sizing of the fittings and pipe, is what creates a “pre-set” internal pressure, eliminating the need for expensive stainless steel pressure gauges.

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