Protein Skimmers

Protein skimmers are an essential component of any reef aquarium’s filtration system. There’s no better way to remove organics from your tank than with a protein skimmer. Mechanical filtration, activated carbon and other specialty media are important but a protein skimmer works non-stop 24-7 to remove organics as they form. It’s secret that a build-up of dissolved organics causes yellow water, inhibits light penetration, reduces PAR and detracts from the tank’s appearance. But organic build-up has been linked to increased disease problems in aquariums.

Protein skimmers are used on all sizes of aquariums, ranging from nano reefs to large commercial aquaculture facilities. For nano aquariums the Reef Octopus NS80 nano skimmer provides a small footprint and big performance. In-sump models are recommended for medium to large reef tanks. Reef Octopus Classic models offer high performance and ease of use in a basic skimmer design. The more advanced Regal and Elite models use the VarioS pumps and controllers for fine motor control and programming features. If you don’t have a filter sump you can also use the Classic HOB skimmer. If need a big protein skimmer, the Reef Octopus SRO and Q skimmers are rated for systems up to 26,000 gallons.

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  1. Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Protein Skimmer
  2. IceCap K1 Nano Protein Skimmer
  3. IceCap K1-50 Protein Skimmer
  4. IceCap K1-100 Protein Skimmer
  5. IceCap K1-130 Protein Skimmer
  6. IceCap K1-160 Protein Skimmer
  7. IceCap K1-200 Protein Skimmer
  8. Classic 110SSS Protein Skimmer
  9. Classic 150SSS Protein Skimmer
  10. Classic 152-S Protein Skimmer
  11. Classic 202-S Protein Skimmer
  12. Classic 110INT Protein Skimmer
  13. Classic 150INT Protein Skimmer
  14. Classic 200INT Protein Skimmer
  15. Classic 110ext Recirculating Protein Skimmer
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