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Every reef aquarium is unique. That’s why we carry the full range of Reef Octopus and IceCap protein skimmers. You’ll find every skimmer configuration available. Need a HOB skimmer? Reef Octopus has them all, even for nano reef aquariums. You’ll find traditional in-sump and the new space-saving Sump Saver models. We have IceCap K1 in-sump skimmers rated for the most popular-sized reef tanks. If you’ve got a well-stocked reef, we’ve even got heavy-duty external protein skimmers that will keep your corals looking great!

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  1. Classic 202-S Protein Skimmer
  2. Classic 152-S Protein Skimmer
  3. Regal 300SSS Protein Skimmer
  4. Regal 250SSS Protein Skimmer
  5. Regal 200SSS Protein Skimmer
  6. Elite 220INT Super Cone Protein Skimmer
  7. Elite 200INT Super Cone Protein Skimmer
  8. Classic 150SSS Protein Skimmer
  9. Classic 110SSS Protein Skimmer
  10. SRO 6000 Space Saver Protein Skimmer
  11. SRO 5000 Space Saver Protein Skimmer
  12. SRO-9000EXT Light Commercial Protein Skimmer
  13. SRO-8000EXT Light Commercial Protein Skimmer
  14. SRO 6000ext Recirculating External Protein Skimmer
  15. SRO 5000ext Recirculating External Protein Skimmer
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