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Looking for a protein skimmer with a specific model? By grouping them by manufacturer we have made it easy to shop and compare different skimmer models. Simply pick the brand and browse the models. You can find skimmers from Reef Octopus ranging from HOBs to large in-sump models operated by Varios controllers. The models range from simple skimmers with DC motors and external controls to more sophisticated versions. We offer IceCap protein skimmers from the Nano K1 up to the 200 level. We have a protein skimmer for your aquarium, no matter what size the reef tank is.

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  1. IceCap K1-50 Protein Skimmer
  2. IceCap K1-100 Protein Skimmer
  3. IceCap K1 Nano Protein Skimmer
  4. IceCap K1-130 Protein Skimmer
  5. IceCap K1-200 Protein Skimmer
  6. IceCap K1-160 Protein Skimmer
  7. Q6 Commercial Foam Fractionator
  8. Q7 Commercial Foam Fractionator
  9. Q8 Commercial Foam Fractionator
  10. Classic 202-S Protein Skimmer
  11. Classic 152-S Protein Skimmer
  12. Elite 150SSS Space Saver Super Cone Skimmer
  13. Elite 150INT Super Cone Protein Skimmer
  14. Regal 150SSS Protein Skimmer
  15. Regal 150INT Protein Skimmer
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