Natural nitrate removal through bacterial action occurs in all marine aquariums. The bacteria live in rock crevices, and in sand and gravel beds. The problem is the specialized bacteria that remove nitrate require a steady supply of carbon to process the nitrate. Too little carbon and nitrate accumulates.  Too much carbon causes a variety of problems like cloudy water and nitrite surges. The answer is controlled carbon release with a biopellet reactor. Here’s how it works. The reactor is loaded with biopellets. The pellets are made of a biodegradable polymer. As the polymer breaks down, carbon is slowly released for the bacteria. This stimulates the nitrate-removing bacteria to do their job. The reactor allows you to control the water flow through the biopellets, safely maximizing the nitrate removal in your aquarium. The reactor system operates independently from the main aquarium, making it easy to adjust flow rates, add new biopellets and keep the pellets churning so they don’t become clogged with debris. Reef Octopus manufactures biopellet reactors in HOB, frees-standing, space saving and commercial configurations for any size aquarium. 

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  1. BR70 BioPellet Reactor
  2. BR110 BioPellet Reactor
  3. BR140 BioPellet Reactor
  4. BR1000SS Space Saver BioPellet Reactor
  5. BR2000SS Space Saver BioPellet Reactor
  6. BR3000SS Space Saver BioPellet Reactor
  7. BioChurn 90ext HOB Reactor
  8. BioChurn 90INT Reactor with HOB Bracket
  9. BioChurn 120INT Biopellet Reactor
  10. BioChurn 120R Biopellet Recirculating Reactor
  11. BioChurn 05T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  12. BioChurn 10T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  13. BioChurn 20T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  14. BioChurn 30T Commercial Biopellet Reactor
  15. Octopus BioReact 150 Space Saver with Varios2
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