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Feb 12 (4 days ago)
Is there a way to reset the maxspectadvanced controller ?
Was wandering if there is a way to reset the advanced controller back to factory settings ? Yes, unplug the controller and then press and hold the center dial and connect the controller to power. As...
Feb 12 (4 days ago)
Gyre controller shuts down after feed mode is done.
I have the Maxspect Gyre Pump XF 230 Pump and Controller package.after the feed mode is done it goes to the off postion.anything i can do to fix this? Please submit a private ticket and one of the rep...
Feb 08 (8 days ago)
Gyre pumps not working correct
I just installed 2 gyre fx250 with the advanced controller. The pumps worked fine for a week. Now pump A shuts off and pump B runs fine. There are no red lights or error indicators. How do i fix this ...
Feb 05 (12 days ago)
Gyre interface module
Why is every vendor out of stock The Gyre Interface Model is being redesigned and is expected to be available in April.
Feb 05 (12 days ago)
Gyre Bushings
I have 2 Gyre 230s on my tank.They have been running now for about 6 months. I find that they tend to dart to make a little whining noise about every 2-3 weeks and then I know to takes them off, take ...
Feb 01 (15 days ago)
gyre starts and then stops, cant figure it out
so I have had the gyre 150 for a couple years, I have put it together multiple times after cleanings and never have had a problem till today. It was working fine, then this morning it doesnt work and...
Jan 25 (22 days ago)
Discontinued Bushings
I have an XF250 and a first generation 150. I recently went to try and find some replacement bushings online for the recommended maintenance only to discover they are now discontinued. Apparently I ...
Jan 22 (26 days ago)
Hello, Just purchased and installed my new Maxspect Gyre XF-230 Pump & Controller unit and followed instructions to properly connect the pump to the controller BEFORE connecting the device to power. T...
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Jan 11 (36 days ago)
Maxspect Gyre XF230 power adapter
I purchased a Maxspect XF Gyre pump but I did not order the controller because I have a reef keeper. Is there a power source for this item without purchasing the controller? Here you go... http://www...
Jan 09 (38 days ago)
Can the dry side magnet be used under water? My acrylic is 1" thick, Magnets do not hold. Can I use magnet inside overflow box where acrylic is thin? Do you make stronger magnets that can attach to 1"...
Jan 09 (39 days ago)
Brand new problem?
Hello! I just got a new Gyre 250 to go with a brand new 230/250 controller I won in a raffle. I opened it all up a few minutes ago, started installing things, and realized there was a huge problem. Th...
Jan 09 (39 days ago)
Difference between xf130 and xf230 with the exception of the controller.
What is the difference between the xf130 and 230 pumps? I heard the 230 has updated bushings. Do those make a considerable difference as far as longevity goes? Any other differences? Thank you. T...
Jan 02 (45 days ago)
Maxspect Gyre replacement propeller bushings
No, the old style propellers are no longer available. You will need to purchase the rugged propellers instead. http://www.coralvue.com/maxspect-gyre-ruggedized-propeller Hi, I have 2 maxspect gyre...
Jan 02 (46 days ago)
Ice Cap Battery Backup
The directions on the battery backup note an indicator light that blinks a certain number of times, which correlates to remaining life of the battery. Am I correct to assume the light that blinks in n...
Dec 20 (58 days ago)
Pulse and variables
If I have pump A on pulse and put pump B on anti sync, will pump B pulse at the opposite time of pump A? What percentage does the pump drop to when it pulses? Also after setting up the pump speed t...
Dec 20 (59 days ago)
Help with Gyre xf230/130 connected to the advanced controller.
I just received a new advanced controller/xf230 and hooked my older xf-130 to the newer controller. My problem is that only 1 pump comes on even though I've selected both A/B to run in anti-sync mode....
Dec 18 (61 days ago)
LTC or OGC mode set up
Is there any benefit to configuring two pumps with both A and B propellers when using either of the preset modes? It looks like OGC uses reverse flow. It all depends on where you have the pumps loca...
Dec 13 (2 months ago)
Maxspect Gyre Power Supply/cord
I just bought a MaxSpect Gyre on black Friday sales, and since I already have an apex I bought the pump and IceCap interface. I am disappointed that the pump doesn't come with a power supply! And it...
Dec 12 (2 months ago)
XF280 not ramping up or down on alternating Gyre mode.
I have it set up so it’s supposed to have pump A to ramp up for 1 minute to 40% for 5 minutes and ramp down for 1 minute to and from 0%. Pump B is set up for alternate of Pump A. The pumps are not ...
Dec 05 (2 months ago)
Gyre XF150 parts (mounting magnet - wet part)
The mounting magnet (wet part) of my XF150 is bulging and broken. I need to replace them. (a) I see the parts from http://www.coralvue.com/maxspect-gyre-silent-suspension-magnet-mount are out of sto...