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Auto Top Off (ATO)

Feb 08 (9 days ago)
Micro ATO pump
Bought the ATO micro about 2 months ago. The sensor is great and very reliable. The pump is terrible though. Sometimes it works other times it makes a sound like it's pumping but no water is returned....
Feb 08 (9 days ago)
Will the RODI solenoid valve work with the micro ato?
I have the micro ato, I am considering upgrading to the water changer. Can I use the micro ato sensor with the solenoid for my RODI system? Thanks Yes, you can use the solenoid switch with most high...
Jan 14 (34 days ago)
Micro ATO problems
Hello, I recently purchased the smart micro ATO and have had lots of issues with it. First it ended up overflowing my tank upon first setup. I was sent a new sensor for the unit and got it set up last...
Dec 27 (52 days ago)
Micro Pump won't activate
The pump just stopped after a year. Ordered a replacement pump. Reinstalled, clear water lines, same way it was hooked up for a year. Restarted above the water line, sensor reads it needs water but Wi...
Dec 22 (57 days ago)
Smart ATO Micro malfunctioning
I ordered my Smart ATO Micro from Bulk Reef Supply in May 20, 2016 and have been using it since then. Earlier tonight it overfilled my tank and almost flooded my house. The sensor was clean and nothin...
Nov 20 (2 months ago)
Smart ATO
Hi there I have a smart ATO been running for 1.5 years and never missed a beat recently it has not been picking up when the water level drops below the sensor, I come home water is well below sensor l...
Sep 25 (4 months ago)
Brand new Icecap ATO Pump Not Working Due to Cracked Impeller Magnet
I recently purchased and recived the IceCap ATO. After installing the unit, I couldn't get the pump to work. After reading several issues with this unit, I inspected the impeller and found the ...
Sep 22 (4 months ago)
ATO refill water level issue
I recently purchased this ATO 100 , Is this ATO suppose to refill water ALL the way to the top of the magnet/sensor ?? mine refill all the way to the top of the magent/sensor , when it does fill up to...
Sep 04 (5 months ago)
Smart Micro ATO power chord
Is the power chord you sell in the parts store fit the micro ATO? Or is it just for the regular smart ATO? I misplaced a power chord to one of mine. Best ATO ever !!!! This is the link to the power su...
Aug 07 (6 months ago)
IceCap ATO
I just purchased the ATO and in the brochure it says "The maximum water level in the storage tank should NEVER EXCEED the water level of the sump to prevent stored water from siphoning into the aquari...
Jul 19 (7 months ago)
ICECAP ATO sensors overfilling sump
I placed my sensors in the return section of my sump. Everything works fine. After about 30 minutes it will sound the alarm and it has filled past the safety sensor. When I powered on I had the sen...
Jul 04 (7 months ago)
Ice Cap ATO Controller
I bought this unit a couple weeks ago and it worked great. Unfortunately I have the controller next to the sump and when I was working on the sump I accidentally splashed some water on it. Needlessl...
Jun 29 (7 months ago)
Smart ATO micro fails at night only
Hello, The smart ato micro works great throughout the day but every morning when I wake up the alarm is sounding. I have it in the rear chambers of my JBJ 45 all in one tank. Is it possible the diffe...
May 26 (8 months ago)
Can't get past the alarm
I installed the ATO to refill water in my sump. My reservoir is a 2 1/2 gallon container that sits above my sump. I turned the system on, but when the water level dropped in my sump, rather than pum...
May 16 (9 months ago)
Icecap auto top off
I installed the icecap ato and it's not working. I plugg it in and the bottom blue light flashes a couple of times and then it starts beeping. No water is being pumped. My phone number is 239 464 0232...
May 03 (9 months ago)
Icecap ATO
Can I use kalk in my icecap ATO reservoir or will it kill the pump too quick? It will kill the pump rather fast unfortunately. Kalkwasser is very hard on pumps.
Mar 13 (11 months ago)
Smart ATO Micro Question
I run one of these on my 42 gallon in sump and i love it. I am in the process of setting up my frag tank and another bigger display tank in my basement. My question is this works great on 50 gallons...
Mar 13 (11 months ago)
Dimensions of Ice Cap ATO Pump
I'm looking for a container for the Ice Cap ATO, but I know I'll need to be able to fit the pump in the opening. Can someone supply the dimensions of the pump that comes with the new Ice Cap ATO sys...
Jan 25, 2017
Micro 110P or 120P
Hi, what is the difference between the new 120P and the previous 110? Also, how can I tell the difference on the unit itself? Thank you The only difference is the mount for the water line. The 110P ...
Jan 23, 2017
Smart ATO Micro fills up tank at night.
I have IM 25 Lagoon and have my ATO positioned in the return section in the middle. The ATO works fine during the day with no issues but at night is a different story it fills my tank to the brim ever...