Smart ATO Automatic Top Off System

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Simple to install and Intelligent Aquarium Automation

Includes everything needed to install and safely replenish evaporated water from the aquarium.

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Auto Aqua Automatic Top Off System with Controller & Sensor in One

What is Smart AFS Technology?

The Smart ATOis a unique Auto Top Off system with a patent pending contactless digital sensor that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. Best of all it is very easy to install and contains no moving parts that can fail. This ATO comes integrated with AFS (Auto Feedback Security) technology which provides real-time fail safe protection against failure.You simply move the outside controller to adjust your sump to a desired water level. Its that easy!

Mounts to Clear Glass or Acrylic sumps

Max wall thickness: 1/2 inch (12.7mm)
Max distance for sensor: 1 inch (25.4mm)

Everything you need is included
Controller/Sensor, Power Adapter, DC brushless pump capable of pumping to a height of ~6.5 feet and a maximum flow rate of ~74 gph and 6.5' of Water Tubing with Universal Holder.Will work in complete darkness

Check out the installation video for the Smart ATO by selecting the VIDEO tab at the top


DC Feed Pump model: DP-200
Brushless (30000hrs) - Head : 6.5ft (200 cm)
Flow rate: 74GPH (280L/HR)
Power: 4.5W@DC 12V

Pump cord length: 5.5ft
Power cord length 5.5ft

Pump tubing size: Inner diameter: 6.5mm, outside diameter: 8mm

Note: It is possible to change to the other PUMP or solenoid valve directly(< 10W@12VDC output)

Warranty Information

1. This product is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchased at normal operation.
2. The warranty is not transferable.
3. Any incorrect operation will not be warranted and will result in a repair fee.
4. All warranty repairs are performed by CoralVue.
Please contact us to obtain a Return Authorization number when sending a warranted unit.
5. This guarantee is effective at the date listed on your sales receipt.

Will the Smart ATO work in complete darkness? Yes the Smart ATO will also work in complete darkness.

Customer Reviews

3 Reviews "Smart ATO Automatic Top Off System"

Small but Powerful
Gus December 26, 2013 I admit that when I first set it up that it would not pass my standards and I would end up returning it or selling it. I have had years of problem free operation from my osmolator but am a bit of a tech nerd and had to have the smart ato after seeing it at Macna. It took all of 5 min to set up. The DC pump provides a good amount of flow and the sensor is truly responsive to the water level I set within my sump. Went through every imaginable test that I could think murphy's law would throw at it and the AFS technology safety function worked as promised.
Simply the best ATO out there!!!!
Peter L. December 26, 2013 I have only had this Smart ATO for a week but I must say this is a complete upgrade from the float style switches that I was using before. One unit replaced three float switches and what seemed like a ton of wires. Two thumbs up to AutoAqua for such a great ATO.
Super Simple
Casey C. December 26, 2013 I could not believe how easy it was to install. Took longer to read the instructions and pull the components from the box than to install the unit itself. I highly recommend this ingenious ATO.

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