Bubble Blaster 1000 Skimmer Pump

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Max Flow: 150gph / Max Air: 540 L/H (19 SCFH)*

Can be used on the following Reef Octopus skimmers:
SRO1000, XP1000SSS, LX1000, XP1000,NWB110, DNWB110, LS1000

Power Consumption:20watts Dimensions:170 x 135 x 100mm


Bubble Blaster HY-1000s Protein Skimmer Pump

The Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps are the very essence of true innovation in the marine aquarium hobby. Popularly found on the Super Reef Octopus skimmer (aka SRO). Until recently most other skimmer pumps on the market are modified water pumps fitted with a modified impeller to draw and chop air.

The Bubble Blaster were the first pumps specifically engeneered to be a skimmer pump for unmatched air shredding performance and efficiency. The pump is enhanced with a digital control circuit board inside that controls directional start-up direction and RPM speeds. This smart circuit board provides the reliability and high performance the Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps are known for.

A unique feature of the Bubble Blaster is its clear volute housing which allows you to see inside the pump without having to take it apart. You can easily see if something is stuck inside. The greatest feature of the Bubble Blaster pumps is the enormous amount of air that they pull in relation to water volume which is the key to aggressive protein skimming. With the performance of these pumps and a 2-year warranty how can you go wrong?

Replacement pump for the following Reef Octopus skimmer models:
SRO1000, XP1000sss, LX1000 and XP1000, LS1000

This pump can be retrofitted to fit Classic OTP Skimmers(Only the OTP-GT pump models)
Classic 110(int/ext), NWB110, DNWB110

*There may be an addition part needed to convert the pump to the skimmer body for some models that must be requested at the time of purchase due to the added cost of the part.



Bubble Blaster HY-1000s Skimmer Pump
Max Water Flow:150gph*
Max Air Draw: 540 L/H (19SCFH)*
170 x 135 x 100mm
Outlet Size:

*Measurements are approximate and can vary. *Made in China.


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