Electronic 6 Outlet Programable Timer Strip Packaging

Programable Outlet Strip with Surge Protection

  • SKU: CV-ET666

Easy to Program Outlet Stip with Built in Surge Protection

Controls up to 6 outlets independently.


Reef Octopus Programable Outlet Strip with Surge Protection

Safely controls up to 6 outlets independently with daily or weekly settings. Great for turning on and off aquarium or terrarium lights, fans


Main Technical Parameters 

1. Rated Voltage:220~240V 50Hz / 120V 60Hz
2. Rated Current: 15A
3. Time Control Scope: 1minute~168hours
4. ON and OFF Setting Programs: 5 channels with 6 groups of programmable control for each channel
5. Working Temperature: -10℃~+60℃
6. Control Cycle: daily control or weekly control


1. There are 5 channels of independent output control in the system; every channel has the programmable setting resource of 6 ON and 6 OFF; 8 button operation modes are provided.

2. Patented jack which prevents wrong plugging.

3. Rechargeable battery inner-set so that the timing programs and time set by users won’t get lost in case of power cut.

4. Function of total zero clearing for programs set, (i.e. the set programs of 5 channels are all cleared to zero returning to default status), which facilitates user’s operation.

5. Extra strong anti-interference capability, using measures such as watch dog, voltage detecting and memory correction, etc.

6. Intelligent manual keyboard lock, preventing random illegal modifying of timing programs, with Lock and Unlock options.

7. Timing at different time of every day in a week can be realized on every channel of control, with week or day as the period to realize cycle control.

8. At the status of timing switching on, an LCD screen shows , which is the sign of output; while the timing output is shut off, this sign will disappear.


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