IceCap REEF-Cam


Underwater Micro Camera

CAPTURE and SHARE the tranquil beauty of your aquarium with theIceCap REEF-Cam.Thefirstunderwater micro camera capable of live streaming in HD (720p) from anywhere using an iOS or Android mobile device. Integrated WiFi.


Live Stream Your Aquarium in HD...

View or Share from Anywhere!

Capture the tranquil beauty of your aquarium with theIceCap REEF-Cam.Thefirstunderwater video camera capable of live streaming in HD (720p) from anywhere using an iOS or Android mobile device. A wide-angle lens gives you a 120° field of view, allowing you to get closer to your aquatic life while still fitting all the action of your aquarium.

Innovative Micro Design

This remarkably small camera can be mounted externally or fully submersed in your aquarium without anything obstructingthe view.ENJOYyour aquarium from
a different perspectivethatcan ONLYbe captured UNDERWATER!

Plug and Play

Setting up the IceCap Reef-Cam could not be easier wth it's own integrated Wifi connection. Download the free iOS or Android app and connect to your home network (wirelessly or direct cable) and begin streaming your aquarium in a matter of minutes.It's really that simple!

Capture. Save. Share.

With a MicroSD card (not included)you can captureand store video moments. Sharingyour underwater passion with friends and family is easily done from any location using yourandroid or iOS device.



My smartphone/tablet cannot locate the REEF-Cam that I am trying to connect to

1. First and foremost ensure the REEF-Cam WiFi hub is powered on and that all connections have been made correctly.

2. Switch off the WiFi on your smartphone/tablet, wait a few moments and then switch it back on again. Ensure the WiFi settings on your smartphone/tablet are configured and working correctly.

3. if all fails, Manually reset the REEF-Cam to factory settings.

My REEF-Cam cannot connect to my local Wifi network

1. Ensure you have not entered an incorrect WiFi network password. In this instance, please delete the camera from the REEF-Cam App and then follow the network connection installation steps.

2. Make sure that your WiFi network router is on and is correctly configured.

3. Check to see if the REEF-Cam WiFi hub is in range of your WiFi network router and that your smartphone/tablet is trying to connect to the correct WiFi network and router.

4. If a WiFi network is NOT found press the refresh button and the REEF-Cam App will search again.

I cannot add a new camera to my local Wifi network

1. Check the WiFi hub of your new/additional REEF-Cam is switched on and that all connections have been made correctly.

2. Make certain that the name, UID/QR code and password for the new camera has been entered correctly. The UID and QR Code can be found on the back of the WiFi hub.

3. Manually reset the REEF-Cam.

I cannot add or connect to a remote camera

1. Ensure that the remote camera you are trying to add and connect to has been installed and correctly configured, and is switched on.

2. Ensure the UID/QR code and password for the remote camera are all-correct and have been entered correctly. Again the UID and QR Code can be found on the back of the WiFi hub.

3. Ensure that the smartphone/tablet that you are using is successfully connected to the same WiFi network as the Reef-Cam.

The picture quality and streaming on my Reef-Cam is not so good

The picture and streaming quality of the REEF-Cam is dependent on many different variables, such as the performance and speed of your internet connection, strength of signal of wireless network, physical obstructions in the line of sight between the REEF-Cam WiFi hub and the WiFi router, and internet connection quality and speed on the receiving smartphone or tablet.

1. Above all make sure the REEF-Cam lens is clean and free of algae or detritus at ALL TIMES. Only clean the REEF-Cam lens with a soft cloth and never with an abrasive material that could scratch or damage the lens.

2. Check the speed of your Internet connection and the signal strength of your wireless network.

3. Check to ensure the REEF-Cam hub is positioned and connected to your wireless network correctly.

4. Use the “Video Setting" function to adjust frame and bit rate to optimize picture quality.

5. For optimum camera picture quality, the water clarity of the aquarium should be maintained as best as possible. Factors such as feeding, algal blooms, aquarium treatments, aquarium maintenance and water turbidity will have a direct effect on the quality and clarity of the REEF-Cam picture.

6. Ensure the camera is not receiving direct light from the aquarium lighting. We recommend angling the camera downwards, away from the light source to avoid problems.

Can other people access and view my REEF-Cam?

If you have NOT changed the factory default password, then other people from your local WiFi network will be able to access and view your REEF-Cam. Also, if you share the UID or QR code and password for your REEF-Cam with others, then they will also be able to remotely access your REEF-Cam.

To ensure the security and restrict access to your REEF-Cam, we strongly recommend that you change the factory default password (“admin") to your own personal password and make a note of it. Use the “Camera Password" function on the “Camera Settings" screen.


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