Giesemann Spectra MH/T5  Hybrid lighting fixture

Giesemann Spectra SE Metal Halide/T5 Fixture


Metal Halide with Advanced Quad T5 Fluorescent Lighting

Choose from 250w or 400w model with single(2ft), double(4ft) or triple(6ft) single ended lamp. Metal halide ballast sold separately. 

T5 Bulbs are NOT dimmable.


The new SPECTRA Metal Halide series represents an evolution in the illumination of aquariums

The Giesemann SPECTRA is the ideal high performance aquarium lighting fixture with refined anti-glare control and the introduction of high performance quad T5 fluorescent lighting which works in conjunction with powerful metal halide technology. Wrapped in a sleek stylish outer body made from corrosion resistant aluminum and magnesium alloy which is painted to a high gloss finish, each lamp and tube is backed by a CAD designed reflector system to maximize light output and to ensure seamless mixing of each light sources spectral qualities without any visible banding or spotting.

SPECTRA combines 4 powerful T-5 tubes (NOT DIMMABLE) and up to 3 single ended metal halide bulbs of up to 400 watts each. Each pair of tubes is individually controllable giving the possibility to start the day with a gradual increase in light, before finally switching on the halide lamps. This provides a more gradual and therefore natural increase and decrease in light intensity mimicking more natural conditions.

SPECTRA is available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1800mm units with a choice of 250w or 400w models each fitted with a single, double or triple set of mogul lamps.



There are some options that could cause the bulbs in a dimmable fixture not to start or dim:

  1. Not respecting the "burn in" time. A T-5 bulb in a dimmable fixture needs to be burned in. Reason is that the bulb(s) need the full energy of the ballast for a few hours to be prepared to work as well with low dimming intensity. This is why all Giesemann dimmable fixtures have an additional notice, informing people to respect the burn in time for the first 40 hours running. This is a requirement for all T-5 bulbs and has nothing to do if customer is using a Giesemann or other brand T-5 bulb. If a T-5 bulb is not "burned in" properly it might not start at the lower power stage and causes general problems by dimming these bulbs. Even ATI points this out in their instructions.
  2. Bad batch of lamps - Each Giesemann ballast is controlling two T-5 bulbs. Even if one bulb is not working properly (or damaged) the ballast will shut off the complete circuit (both lamps).
  3. Bulb not inserted correct - bulbs needs to be put into the lamp holder and turned by 90°. It is rather common to forget to twist the bulbs and as a result there is no electrical contact to ignite the bulb.
  4. Programming issue - Check if the bulbs are working in the manual dimming mode, by sliding the controller for each T-5 channel
  5. Using very cheap T-5 bulbs- many lower quality bulbs may not be capable of dimming: Usually higher quality bulbs are dimmable, but we can not attest for other companies bulbs and why we suggest the use of Giesemann lamps. 

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