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Metal Halide

Jan 24 (60 days ago)
Coral Vue Reflector
Hi, I am considering a 1000W metal halide for my aquarium. Can I confirm if the current Lumen Bright Mini Metal Halide Mogul Pendant can support 1000W metal halide single ended? If not, do you sell th...
Jan 16 (2 months ago)
Heat and Humm.
Hum follows the ballast tried is on all 3 light fixtures Is the ballast still running hot? Yup. And there's a small electrical smell occurring. Please reply with your address and we'll send a replac...
Nov 27 (3 months ago)
Lumen Bright SE Pendant
Hello, I have been trying to get Lumen Bright SE pendants for a while now. Are they discontinued? Or will the be back in stock in the future? Unfortunately we have discontinued Lumen Bright pendants ...
Aug 23 (7 months ago)
reeflux 10k 250w
Whats wrong with cv support ? I asked for a replacement bulb because my original one died within the warranty period.. She (Angie) said they sent me a new one along with a bonus cv 10k 250w bulb,, Tha...
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Aug 10 (7 months ago)
250W Mogul MH bulb
Hello, i am interested in buying a few of these bulbs on clearance. http://www.coralvue.com/coralvue-250w-mogul-base-single-ended-lamps 1) the site doesnt tell me what is wrong with them. can you plea...
May 18 (10 months ago)
Luxcore Ballast
Are the LuxCore selectable wattage electronic ballast being phased out and replaced with the IceCap selectable wattage electronic ballast?
Jan 31, 2018
Adding external ballast on metal halide giesemann
I have older pc-mh combo with internal ballast that I believed is going out. Are their instructions for rewiring and adding a new external ballast?
Jan 09, 2018
Luxcore Ballast not firing up Spectra
Hi - I have the Luxcore ballast (250/400) and am hooking it up to a 24" Spectra with a 250 Radium bulb. I wired the luxcore ballast so that the white wire is opposite the brown, the black wire opposit...
Dec 28, 2017
1000w ballast
Hi, I have received an older 48 inch light with four T 5 bulbs, 2 250 watt metal halides and a single bulb that looks like a moonlight ? The unit has a single cord with four pins and was run by a Gies...
Dec 11, 2017
Luxcore selectable ballast
I read on BRS that they recommend a HQI ballast for the 250w radium single end. Is the 250w super lumens on the 250w selectable ballast the same as HQI?
Nov 13, 2017
Hanging a 24" Giesemann Spectra
I have hung the spectra using two toggle bolts directly into the sheetrock. How much does this unit weigh and is this sufficient for the weight of the unit? In reviewing the load capacities of s ingle...
Oct 17, 2017
Luxcore 250 watt ballast
I bought one of your 250 watt selectable wattage ballast to replace a old Hamilton 175 watt. I wired it up to the light and set it on 175 watts. Plugged it in and the light came on for about 5 minutes...
Sep 04, 2017
Luxcore 400W ballast support for 400W HQI
This ballast clearly only has 250w HQI setting however I do not see a setting for a 400w HQI bulb. Is this ballast compatible with 400W HQI Bulbs as well as a Hamilton 400W Cayman sun reflector? Thank...
Jul 31, 2017
Giesemann Megachrome advice
Hello, I have Giesemann spectra 3x250w and I have question. I have both megachrome crystal and megachrome coral bulbs. At first I was using Corals but it was too yellow to my eyes. Now I have changed ...
Jul 14, 2017
Coralvue mh socket
Do you sell just the sockets for the large lumen brite reflectors? I have the reflector itself but I need everything else. Thanks.
Jul 04, 2017
Infiniti Combo Ballast
I have a 48' Infiniti light 2 x 250w MH/4 x 54w T5 fixture. It is the older style that came with 2 combo ballasts Model# AC-MH250UVS. The metal halide portion on one of the ballasts quit working, whil...
Feb 13, 2017
Spot-style MH lighting
HI - I am wondering if they make and if you carry a spot-type MH fixture, something that I could focus onto a Zoa garden I am trying to propagate? Thanks.
Aug 31, 2016
do you know if these bulbs are still being manufactured? Sorry, the Elos MH lamps are no longer available.
Aug 17, 2016
Giesemann Parts
Joey, I sent your photos to Giesemann, waiting for them to get back to me. I can order the parts from Giesemann Germany, please let me know which model and length you have. Are you able to get parts ...
Aug 15, 2016
Giesemann Infiniti MH/T5 fixture
On this fixture it says that you can individually turn on each pair of T5 fluorescent bulbs individually. How is this done, because there is only the single power cord for the all the T5's ? The Gies...