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today 11:26 (8 hours ago)
Wetside magnets for XF130
I have some original XF130 Gyres. The wetside magents on one of them have, now after years of use, swollen and burst their casings. The rubber mounts are fine. All I need are the magnets. Are these so...
Jan 15 (7 days ago)
Gyre cable insulation flaking off
Why is the wire insulation that was under water flaking off like cheap aged plastic?
Jan 15 (7 days ago)
ICV6 will not connect to Router
hahah! Awesome. Just received my ICV6 today. 2.4 GHz Router/Channel Does not connect. Times out. I can connect via ICV6 to phone. But not through the router. Any help? Ability to connect with ...
Jan 11 (11 days ago)
Maxspect xf250 getting noisy
I have an xf 250 that is about 9 months old that has started getting louder. Was dead quiet until recently . Cleaned it with no change. When first turned on it is still quiet, but after its on for a f...
Jan 04 (18 days ago)
Maxspect Gyre FX280 Cages
I have 2 of the FX280 pumps running on each end of my 300 gallon saltwater tank. Had them both running over a year and they are starting to make noises. I'm changing out all the bushings, rotors and c...
Jan 04 (18 days ago)
Maxspect Gyre Suspension Mount Bushing
When will the xf230 bushing be in stock again? also would a xf250 bushing fit a 230? The bushings are available on our website... https://www.coralvue.com/maxspect-gyre-propeller-bushings Those are n...
Jan 02 (20 days ago)
Bad xf230
I have 2 xf230 running on advanced controller. Very loud but still love them but one has gone bad. Can I send to you for replacement?
Jan 01 (21 days ago)
Will the FX130 end cap fit the newer rugged propellers and cage bushings?
I need to replace my cages but use the cap on an older style FX130. I am not sure I am following. The XF130 was only released with the rugged propellers. It was the XF150 that was released with a pr...
Dec 28 (25 days ago)
Maxspect Gyre Suspension Mount Bushing?
Does the Maxspect Gyre Silent Suspension Magnet Mount come with the Maxspect Gyre Suspension Mount Bushings? If not, when will the bushings for the xf-230 be in stock? Yes it comes with the silent su...
Dec 26 (27 days ago)
Bubbles in my gyre
Cavitation..... your paddles are probably backward I have my xf280 vertical, and it constantly gets air trapped in it. Then tiny bubbles blow out of it. Any reason why? Most likely too close to the s...
Dec 14 (39 days ago)
Gyre 250 pump with battery backup used with Apex Fusion
No, unfortunately there is no way to do that if you are just connecting the native controller to the APEX since the way the APEX works is by turning the power OFF. Unfortunately there is no way for t...
Dec 10 (43 days ago)
Gyre 230 pump not working
Please start a private ticket and be sure to include proof of purchase and the serial number on the back of the pump's dry magnet. One of our reps will be able to help you after verifying warranty st...
Dec 03 (50 days ago)
XF-280 Neptune Apex Interface
Add my vote to the “Apex interface required!” For the XF-280. I spent that much and it’s not APEX-ready (like all the other models). Not sure what the downside or obstacle to putting out the interface...
Nov 29 (54 days ago)
gyro FX 250 wavemaker
what does the error say? [Flasherror....] The gyro 200 series FX 250 on the display screen is lit with flash error? Please go to https://www.coralvue.com/support/submit_ticket and submit a ticket, on...
Nov 26 (57 days ago)
Spare Flow Cages for Maxspect Gyre FX-230
The 130 and the 230 are the same. For flow cages, I see you sell them for XF-130 and XF-150: https://www.coralvue.com/maxspect-gyre-flow-cages-a-b Where can I get spares for XF-230? Thank you!
Nov 19 (2 months ago)
Cleaning XF250
After cleaning one of my two XF250 pumps, it doesn't push water like it did before I cleaned it. Probably 50% less. Any ideas on what might have caused this?
Nov 13 (2 months ago)
Is there a way to reset the maxspectadvanced controller ?
Was wandering if there is a way to reset the advanced controller back to factory settings ?
Nov 08 (2 months ago)
maxspect gyre 230
Carlos please advise. Why do both sides spin but shows off on controller? Most likely the bushings are not installed correctly. The rugged propellers come with the bushings already installed. At th...
Nov 06 (2 months ago)
Gyre pumps not working correct
I just installed 2 gyre fx250 with the advanced controller. The pumps worked fine for a week. Now pump A shuts off and pump B runs fine. There are no red lights or error indicators. How do i fix this ...
Oct 26 (2 months ago)
power adapter to Icecap and two gyre 250
Unfortunately that cannot be done. Each module will require its own power supply. Hi, I have a question about if I can go with one power supply using split outputs to power the two Icecap modules I h...