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Maxspect Gyre

yesterday 17:30 (9 hours ago)
Maxspect Gyre
I have a Maxspect Gyre. I broke the ceramic shaft on one of the impellers. I am not sure which model I have, Is there a way to tell if it is. It was the old style that originally came out. Do the new ...
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yesterday 16:18 (10 hours ago)
Do I need just a new shaft or complete motor?
Hi, My Gyre XF-230 stopped working yesterday and when I pulled things apart, it would not turn. I pulled out the shaft and the magnet is split and is no longer round. Do I need just a new shaft/magn...
Aug 14 (40 hours ago)
Motor block compatibility with controllers
Are any Gyre motor blocks compatible with the 150 controller? No, only the 150/250 motors are compatible with the 150 controller.
Aug 13 (2 days ago)
XF230 Firmware question
I have dual XF230's and am looking to control them with a ICV6 and i am on old firmware. I downloaded what I thought was the new 2.0 firmware but when I follow the instructions on the screen of the g...
Aug 13 (2 days ago)
Gyre LTC Preset
Hello - Can I get an explanation on what the ON/OFF feature does when you run the LTC preset? I am under the impression that LTC is a 24 hour preset, and I am running LTC and I notice it runs LTC pre...
Aug 10 (5 days ago)
advanced controller differences
Hello, My understanding is that the a gyre advanced controller (in my case, the XF250 controller) can be used with the 250 and 150, but not, say, the 230 or 280. Nor will it work with the icecap pum...
Aug 06 (9 days ago)
Gyre xf250 controller
I recently purchased two xf250 pumps and the controller. In the process of programming the controller it only shows the LTC preset. I would like the OGC preset but this controller does not show it des...
Jul 27 (19 days ago)
Maxspect gyre fx150
hello to whom it may concern, I have come across a gyre xf-150 new in an unopened box. I understand this item has been replaced by the fx-250. My question is if I do end up purchasing the fx-150 new i...
Jul 26 (20 days ago)
Broken shaft
I need either a new shaft or driver for my 230 pump. However, I can't seem to get the driver out of the assembly. I have been using a needle nose pliers and trying to pull the driver out by clamping d...
Jul 25 (21 days ago)
Gyre 250
Hello, I recently purchased 2 gyre pumps. I am a little confused with the setup process. When these were purchased I purchased one with the controller the other just as a pump. My intent was to run b...
Jul 19 (27 days ago)
my 230 gyre in LTC mode
For some reason the LTC mode only goes back and forth between 20% and 10%. I set the max at 70% and the minimum at 30%, but it still goes down to 10%. What am I doing wrong or is the controller not wo...
Jul 18 (28 days ago)
Gyre XF250 with XF150 controller
If I purchase a XF250 gyre pump only can run it with the XF150 controller and power supply?
Jul 17 (29 days ago)
maxspect gyre XF250 with new XF230
Hello, Can I run my XF250 gyre with the new XF230 gyre advanced controller or do I have to buy the XF250 advanced controller? Looking to run my current XF250 gyre on one side and the XF230 on the othe...
Jul 04 (42 days ago)
Maxspect gyre 280
Hello, I brought a maxspect gyre 280 about 7 months ago. Last night the rubber on the wet side magnet ripped on one side. Does the warranty cover a replacement? Thank you Where are you located? New...
Jul 02 (44 days ago)
Will You Be At Reefapalooza New York This Weekend?
I want to buy an Alternate Gyre Mode Modified Cable for my IceCap Gyre Interface Module from you but I will be in NY and it would be nice to buy it while I am there and talk to you about it. I'll you...
Jun 22 (54 days ago)
Registering preordered items that don't arrive within 30 days of purchase.
I placed an order for two XF280 gyres with a vendor. These items were not in stock and were placed as a preorder. I am still waiting on them to arrive but its now been over 30 days since my purchase...
Jun 19 (57 days ago)
XF-280 Neptune Apex Interface
I have two XF-280 that I would like to control via Neptune Apex. Is there any way to connect these to Neptune Apex like the lower models? I know that an interface module is required for the lower mode...
Jun 18 (58 days ago)
xf250 placement on 180
I have 2 xf250's on a 180 gallon with corner overflows. What would be the best placement to get the best flow in the tank without getting a sand storm.I had them both horizontally and they crashed i...
Jun 18 (58 days ago)
Bubbles in my gyre
I have my xf280 vertical, and it constantly gets air trapped in it. Then tiny bubbles blow out of it. Any reason why? Most likely too close to the surface. The pump cannot produce air bubbles by its...
Jun 14 (2 months ago)
Maxspect auto mode (LTC)
Hello I have 2 Gyre 230’s in my tank and I am currently using LTC mode. I like the variability of in the LTC mode but the flow is a bit harsh. I have LTC set at its lowest speed. Currently, the lowest...