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Aug 14 (36 hours ago)
RO Elite 200 int leaking
i am currently running skimmer at 9" what do you suggest i raise it to given that spec's listed between 7.5" to 9" thank you Carlos Correct... Always start at the lower number and only raise it if yo...
Aug 13 (2 days ago)
Different water level?
I have a Diablo DCS-170INT skimmer that had the DC-3500S pump on it.I had to replace the pump with a Bubble blaster 2000.will i need to change the water level on the skimmer?right now it is around 7 i...
Aug 08 (7 days ago)
220 int skimmer
Do you sell just the skimmer body for the 220 int.i just dropped mine ,and it is cracked,every thing else is fine,dont have 750.00 for complete replacement, marine depot said to contact you. Thanks,bo...
Aug 07 (8 days ago)
Help with hypersensitive 110S adjustment
My 110S has been in my sump since I set up this tank two months ago. I make minute adjustments (as small as I possibly can) on the valve, and the result is nearly zero skimmate in a 24 hour period or ...
Jul 25 (21 days ago)
Reef Octopus pump issue
I have a Reef octopus in sump protein skimmer ( Model XP-1000SSS) that the bubble blaster pump is no longer providing any bubble output into the column.. It is no longer under warranty. Not sure how t...
Jul 16 (30 days ago)
Reef Octopus 200int
Recently purchased a reef octopus skimmer. Did not include directions on how to put together. Just a question regarding the motor base plate, is it supposed to lock into the frame of the skimmer or ju...
Jul 12 (34 days ago)
Elite 220 INT Versatility
I purchased the Elite 220 INT for my 240 with a 50 gallon sump which I plan on having heavily stocked with fish eventually. Currently I feel that the skimmer is skimming too efficiently as no amount o...
Jul 12 (34 days ago)
Reef Octopus Extreme 250
I hace one octopus extreme 250 skimmer, it’s come with reo sicce psk 2500, I need to remplace that pumps, I think the best option si Psk 1000, it’s come with 880 g/h flow. It’s the corrct option? Tha...
Jul 05 (41 days ago)
Ice Cap K1 Nano in IM Tank
Was wondering if this protein skimmer would fit in the middle chamber of my Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 20 gallon Peninsula tank. Can anyone tell me if they use this skimmer and if it will fit my t...
Jun 22 (54 days ago)
Elite 200 Break in period
Yes, the skimmer will not breakin in 24 hrs. The skimmers usually take 3 weeks to properly break in. During the breakin period, your skimmer will be inconsistent. It will only collect part of the t...
Jun 13 (2 months ago)
Pump REplacement
HI, I have an SRO3000 int atm, if i were to buy the compatible Vario pump, would that basically give me the same features/ capabilities as as the equivalent elite or regal pump ? You can use the Vari...
Jun 04 (2 months ago)
New Reef Octopus Essence s-130 Overflowing foam
I have a new Essence s-130 that is overflowing like CRAZY. When I plug it in, the collection cup fills within 30 seconds with white foam and just continuously overflows. I have it sitting on a stand i...
Jun 01 (2 months ago)
SRO2000 loud pump
Hi I have a new SRO 2000 which is the loudest item in my sump right now. It’s a very loud hum/buzz which I assume is the AC pump. It’s sitting on a ST2 skimmer stand to get right water depth in my R...
Apr 24 (3 months ago)
Icecap K1 130 Protein Skimmer Instructions???
I’m new to saltwater, and this is my first skimmer. When I opened the box I was disappointed find out there are no instructions included. I assumed I’d find them published online, but no luck. I did m...
Apr 23 (3 months ago)
Skimmer model/replacement pump
I have a older reef octopus skimmer looks like a NW150. The pump model number is OTP 3000. What is a suitable replacement? Hi Kevin, You may be able to put an Aquatrance 3000S on that skimmer, it jus...
Apr 17 (3 months ago)
convert Varios water pump to a skimmer pump
I have a spare varios4 water pump and was wondering if I could just get a Varios pinwheel impeller and air venturi to convert it to a skimmer pump. No, different impedance so it wont work. Skimmer pu...
Apr 06 (4 months ago)
Reef Octopus Diablo 8 inch skimmer (200?)
I bought the skimmer from someone who never set up his tank, so this was new old stock never seen water. Set up my tank 6 months ago and also have the bigger Diablo return pump. Skimmer has been work...
Mar 27 (4 months ago)
Vent Pipe for Regal 250Int
Hi, how's it going? I'm wondering if you sell the 45" clear elbow alone? I see you have adapters from mm to inches. However, I don't have any more room in my sump for an adapter and elbow. Thanks in...
Mar 27 (4 months ago)
reef octopus 150 6353
I want to replace my skimmer pump with a dc pump. Which one would fit my skimmer?
Mar 19 (4 months ago)
New Skimmer
I just received my Classic CLSC-011OSS 5in Compact Skimmer w/ AQ1000s. Do I need to " break in" the skimmer by first running it in a bucket with water and vinegar??? Or can I just put in right into my...