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yesterday 02:54 (38 hours ago)
AQ-3000S, - alternative DC pump
Hello! My skimmer is the classic 200int, pump AQ-3000S, is there alternative DC pump? Is it necessary to adapt? Thanks!
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Nov 12 (6 days ago)
What model pump is on your skimmer? I have a 200-sss its a few yeRs old and the controller went out on me.. ( its the old red faced version). Is the old pump compatible with the new white controller?
Nov 12 (6 days ago)
RO Elite 200 int leaking
HI, the area when the cup screws into the body is leaking. how would i go about fixing this?
Nov 12 (6 days ago)
skimmer making noise from pump
I have a bubble blaster hy-2000 that is spinning really slow and making a crackle noise. I pulled out the impeller magnet and didnt see any cracks. Is this Impeller the likely culprit? Yes, it could a...
Nov 09 (9 days ago)
NWB - 110
I have a Reef Octopus NWB-110 that currently uses the Octopus OTP-100 pump. I bought the unit is 2012 and am looking to replace the pump. As I understand it, the Aquatrance 1000s. Is this correct? ...
Nov 06 (12 days ago)
110sss skimmer
The correct water depth is 7-10inches and during the break-in period, the skimmer wedge valve should be all the way open. There are several common reasons a protein skimmer will overflow but the mos...
Nov 05 (13 days ago)
Protein skimmer
My reef octopus 200sss is not henlowest setting and the valve is all the way open and it keeps over bubbling ! I have a 150 gallon that I just set up it’s still in the cycling process I added conditi...
Oct 30 (19 days ago)
Protein Skimmer OCtopus 110 INT
What size tank (not including the sump) is the skimmer running on? The bubbles are fine where they are for now. Let the skimmer break in and then you can adjust the bubble a little higher. Then the t...
Oct 22 (27 days ago)
Octopus extrem 250
Thanks Where are you located? In Mexico, Puebla. The Extreme 250 skimmer was discontinued many many years ago. We no longer have parts nor documentation for it. The skimmer is good for tanks between...
Oct 22 (27 days ago)
RO 202s skimmer noise
This skimmer is louder than every other skimmer that I’ve owned. I read on reef2reef that there’s an upgraded silencer available and was wondering how to get it Please open a support ticket here: h...
Oct 17 (32 days ago)
Pump replacement
Which adapter are you looking to purchase? I made one today works really well thanks I have what I think is the reef octopus extreme 250. I bought the bubble blaster hy5000s for the pump replacement ...
Oct 16 (33 days ago)
Reef Octopus Elite 200SSS Broken adjust pipe
Please start a private ticket so you can provide us with private information and we can get the product out to you. This is the public side of our website and anything you post can be seen by anybody...
Sep 25 (54 days ago)
Collection cup
Please call the parts department at (985) 781-9078 and they will be able to assist you. 4.5" insert with a 6.5" lid area Where can I get a replacement cup for my Diablo 170 skimmer with a 4to6 cup W...
Sep 10 (2 months ago)
Transformer plug for diablo skimmer
What is the model of the pump? Here Can you provide us with pictures please? I believe it’s a XS 160 Hi, I bought a diablo protein skimmer and recently the plug that plugs into the wall broke on ...
Sep 05 (2 months ago)
150 s space spaving skimmer
Just bought this, it's all connected ok but it makes a very loud air gurgling sound, is it normal?
Aug 29 (2 months ago)
150 int
Thank you for your help Angie. I turn it off for now until I add fish to the tank. I re started a tank that was very successful but before I started I bleached everything but the sand. I added new sa...
Aug 27 (2 months ago)
Elite 200 int adjust pipe
Here you go. thanks The inner water level in that skimmer looks way too high? Looks like you are forcing the skimmer to collect instead of allowing the foam to dwell and then overflow naturally. C...
Aug 27 (2 months ago)
Different water level?
I have a Diablo DCS-170INT skimmer that had the DC-3500S pump on it.I had to replace the pump with a Bubble blaster 2000.will i need to change the water level on the skimmer?right now it is around 7 i...
Aug 21 (2 months ago)
Help with hypersensitive 110S adjustment
My 110S has been in my sump since I set up this tank two months ago. I make minute adjustments (as small as I possibly can) on the valve, and the result is nearly zero skimmate in a 24 hour period or ...
Aug 08 (3 months ago)
220 int skimmer
Do you sell just the skimmer body for the 220 int.i just dropped mine ,and it is cracked,every thing else is fine,dont have 750.00 for complete replacement, marine depot said to contact you. Thanks,bo...