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today 11:02 (1 hour ago)
Overflow protein skimmer 110 int
Why does my skimmer keep overflowing out the collection cup
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today 09:00 (3 hours ago)
Classic Int-110 output direction
It does not make a difference. Just make sure that the output is not against a glass pane or something that blocks it or creates back pressure. Hi, I was wondering if there was a certain position ...
Mar 21 (4 days ago)
Regal 200 INT
Run at 100% and adjust outlet. Is it better for the skimmer to run the pump at 100% and adjust the outlet, or run the pump at a lower % and close off the outlet more?
Mar 21 (4 days ago)
Octopus Extreme Xs 250
Hi, I'm Daniel from Mexico and I have the Octopus XS 250 skimmer years ago and I bought a pump Varios 6S to change it but the adapter is bigger there is an adapter that I can use, and also know if the...
Mar 19 (6 days ago)
aq2000s output adapter.
I'll give it a shot. I thought I had gotten the standard adapter before, but perhaps not. Thanks for your help! Here you go... You will need the standard 25mm adapter that comes with the pump.. htt...
Mar 18 (7 days ago)
1 week old skimmer overflowing
There are several common reasons a protein skimmer will overflow but the most common is a chemical within the water itself. Chemical Reaction - Some chemicals react with the air that the skimmer prod...
Mar 11 (13 days ago)
Octo Regal 150 sss skimmer
Actually the float switch was my fault I did not have the button on. I didn't realize what the buttons do. So the float switch is working fine. However when the unit turns off for feeding and comes ba...
Mar 11 (14 days ago)
Replacement pump
I have a reef octopus POV dc 1 slimmer and I believe the pump is bad. It works for like and hour and then will start making a very loud vibrating sound and stop working. I clean the skimmer and pump t...
Mar 11 (14 days ago)
202-S Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer
I need instructions on taking apart and cleaning the pump. It is different than the stand alone return pumps by reef octopus. Why doesn’t a parts list and a maintenance manual come with the skimmer???...
Mar 05 (20 days ago)
Regal 300-int No instruction manual included. Producing large amounts of micro bubbles into water column which ends up in the display tank. What is the correct way to break the unit in? What power l...
Feb 22 (30 days ago)
Ocopus Cleaner 200
It says the Octopus Cleaner 200 will fit the Regal 200int. Does the Cleaner200 have the hole for the float switch? If not, can it be modified to use it? No it does not have the hole for the float swi...
Feb 08 (45 days ago)
Reduce Noise on the Output of a NWB-150
Can a 90 degree adapter be placed on the output so that the water flow is below the water surface to reduce noise? We have an outlet vent to help with the noise, you can purchase it here: https://ww...
Feb 05 (48 days ago)
Sump Filter Change Affects Skimmer
Why does changing the micron filter bags in the sump throw the skimmer way off and is there any way to avoid this? New filter bags often have a treatment done to the material and is only removed with...
Jan 31 (53 days ago)
air silencer
Are there supposed to be caps on the ends of the air silencers? I have an older reef ocotpus nw200... I finallaly found a pump for it that works, but when I run it I get a crazy amount of air bubble...
Jan 28 (56 days ago)
When you empty the top do you recommend removing all junk or leave the slime?
Jan 23 (61 days ago)
Reef Octopus 150 Space Save Skimmer
Hi, I have a used skimmer and it makes loud noises. I have just disassembled it and done a maintenance but it did not help. When blocking the air intake hole, it became much quieter. Not sure this ...
Jan 21 (2 months ago)
Reef octopus nw200
Hello, I recently picked up a reef octopus nw 200 for my school reef program... The skimmer had no pump... I was wondering what pump I should use for the skimmer... Second question is does your com...
Jan 16 (2 months ago)
Octo Classic 150-INT Protein Skimmer
Hi, is there a manual available for this model? Here is an assembly diagram which is provided by the manufacturer... http://blog.coralvue.com/download/7308/ Here is a setup and installation video th...
Jan 09 (2 months ago)
Nano k1 skimmer replacement
Were can I purchase a skimmer pump replacement for the k1 skimmer purchased 2 weeks ago and doesn’t operate any more How old is the skimmer? Had the skimmer since December 15,2018 Please submit a p...
Jan 03 (2 months ago)
Tiny bubbles are escaping thru the valve hole and after a day of operation, the bubbles accumulate into the sump system causing problems. I tried to adjust the hole to no avail. It’s presently on abou...