Flipper MAX Magnet Cleaner (OPEN BOX)

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Open Box, Never Used.

XL Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner that does it all while KEEPING YOUR HANDS DRY!

Scrubber and Scraper in-one! Made with the strongest rare earth magnets optimized for glass and acrylic aquariums up to 1in″ (25mm) in thickness.

Broken Clear Packaging. Never Used.

The Flipper MAX Cleaner is the most versatile aquarium magnet cleaner available for large Glass and Acrylic aquariums. The patented design allows it to “Flip” inside the tank simply by rotating the outer handle!

With a large soft cleaning pad on one side for daily maintenance and a Flip over to a stainless steel blade on the opposite side for removal of hard algae, it is all you will ever need to keep your glass crystal clear without ever reaching in the tank! A unique gap that allows the Flipper to safely scrape near the surface of the sand bed without trapping sand.

Fl!pper MAX is made with the strongest rare earth magnets optimized for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 1in (25mm) in thickness and no less than 5/8in (15mm). Each Fl!pper comes with a stainless steel blade to be used on Glass tanks only, and an ABS blade for use on acrylic tanks.

It is the ONLY magnetic aquarium cleaner that does it ALL!!!
Available Sizes: nano, LG and Max. 

Be sure to CLICK on the VIDEO tab for instructional videos and to see the Flipper Cleaner in action



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