Feb 14 (3 days ago)
Converting 16k to 8000k?
I purchased a 60w r420r 16k unit about 4 years ago. Just now starting to have issues. Lens covers are browning and the violets look like they're melting and need to be replaced also the light cycle st...
Feb 05 (12 days ago)
I have a R420R 160W I'd like to send in to be refurbished. It's not under warranty. Please provide an RMA. Thanks and have a great day. Sean Please return to: CoralVue 38183 Commercial Ct. Slidell, ...
Dec 22 (57 days ago)
maxspect mazarra led cable
I'm looking for a connection cable for a maxspect mazarra led that I just bought 2nd hand. Also looking for the interchangable lenses. Are you referring to the T cable? Will need to check on the len...
Dec 21 (58 days ago)
Maxspect Ethereals - Groups/Forums with settings - examples
Hello - I've had my Maxspect Ethereals for a few months now and I know that configurations, settings and colors are subjective to my tank conditions and preferences, but I'd love to see other Maxspect...
Dec 15 (2 months ago)
maxspect Razor R420r 160 watts factory upgrade
I have 3 Maxspect Razors 160 watt that I would like to have upgraded . How much would this cost? where do I ship Them? How do I let them know lights are coming and how do i pay? How long does this nor...
Dec 04 (2 months ago)
Settings for Maxspect Razor
I have a maxspect razor 16k that I just upgraded to white lenses when I lost a channel. I have a 54 gal corner reef tank with a depth of 23". I have rock that is in steps from sand bed to 4" or so fro...
Nov 27 (2 months ago)
maxspect led replacement pads
where can you purchase replacement led pads for the maxspect 15000k You have reached the Maxspect Support page for the US distributor. We are not the manufacturers and legally we can only sell and su...
Nov 21 (2 months ago)
48 inch razor shutting off
Hi i have a 48 inch razor and it will run for about 15 to 20 min then shut off. I can unplug for 5 min and it will turn backk on but only for about 15 to 20 min. In the 5 years that the Razor has bee...
Nov 21 (2 months ago)
Maxspect Ethereal LED : Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Hi - Does the Maxspect/ICV app automatically adjust for daylight saving time or do I have to adjust my lighting schedules manually ?
Nov 21 (2 months ago)
Maxspect 420r 320W Razor turning off and lights flash
I have a Maxspect 420r 320W Razor and a Maxspect 420r 160W. I started having an issue today with the with the 320W system. Here is what I am observing. I will describe it from powered off. 1. ...
Nov 13 (3 months ago)
Vervve Firmware
Is it possible to update the Vervve firmware at any point? I don't see an option for that anywhere and I feel like there could probably be some great future enhancements that could be made to these un...
Nov 06 (3 months ago)
Maxspect Ethereal LED app
I have the app for the Maxspect Ethereal LEDs loaded and configured on my wife’s iphone. I tried to install the app on my own iphone but have noticed that I had to start from the beginning, and discov...
Oct 31 (3 months ago)
Maxspect Ethereal Connectivity Issues
My Ethereal and ICV6 don't seem to stay connected for longer than a few hours at a time. Getting connected itself takes several reset cycles and when they do connect I sometimes get timeout errors and...
Oct 30 (3 months ago)
New Ethereal lights won't update to v1.6 or connect to ICV6 controller
New install of 3 Ethereal Lights & an ICV6 controller. Syna G installed, ICV6 firmware updated to v1.7, ICV6 & phone connected to home WiFi. I cannot add any of the Ethereal lights to the ICV6. When I...
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Oct 25 (3 months ago)
Maxspect RAZOR R420R 160 W 16K blue lights keep burning out
I have 3 Maxspect Razor R420R 16K fixtures that the blue LED lights keep burning out. I've changed them out several times in the 3 1/2 years that I have the light fixtures. From the questions posted o...
Oct 11 (4 months ago)
Just curious does it always take days to get an answer on problems? I've been waiting 2 days with very minimal contact and I'm curious if this is the norm or maybe just a fluke.
Oct 03 (4 months ago)
ICV6 won't connect
I cannot get the ICV6 controller to connect to the app. I just purchased the light and controller combo 9/15/17. Once out of 10 tries it connects and says it needs to update firmware to 1.6 then it ti...
Oct 02 (4 months ago)
New SYNA G app for Android
Came home tonight to mess with new lights maxspect ethereals and noticed I had a new app on my phone. I got everything updated and loaded but it will not group my lights together. It lets me name th...
Sep 21 (4 months ago)
Maxspect razor nano 16000k blue channel not working
Hi my razor nano blue channel not working.please advise how to repair. Thanks. I believe one or more of the LED boards may have a bad chip that is draining the power on the blue channel. Please let me...
Sep 19 (4 months ago)
Maxspect firmware 1.6
One of my ethereals will not download the firmware update 1.6. It fails every time. Before this update my lights were functioning perfectly. I keep the ICV6, the light, and the mobile device within 3 ...