Reef Octopus Skimmer Collection Cup (INT, EXT, SSS)


Replacement collection cup for Reef Octopus in-sump and external protein skimmers

  • 4"-6" Skimmer Neck Size - $60.00
  • 8"-10" Skimmer Neck Size - $80.00
  • 12" and up Skimmer Neck Size - $90.00

IMPORTANT: Collection cup lid is SOLD SEPARATELY


Replacement Reef Octopus Skimmer Collection Cup

Please contact our sales office at 985-781-9078 for pricing and availability. Replacement collection cups are available for the following Reef Octopus protein skimmers:

CC-120: NWB-110, DNWB-110, SRO-1000int (black)
CC-XP1000: XP-1000int (white)
CC-150-Black: NWB-150, DNWB-150, SRO-2000int, DCS-150, POV-DC1
CC-150-Red: DCS-150
CC-150-White: POV-DC1
CC-XP1000SSS: XP-1000SSS (white)
CC-SRO2000ext: SRO-2000ext (black)
CC-DCS170int: Diablo DC-170int (red)
CC-XP2000ext: XP-2000ext (white)
CC-200-Black: NWB200, DNWB200, SRO2000int
CC-DCS200int: DCS-200int
CC-200-White: XP-2000sss, POV-DC2
CC-XP2000ext: XP2000ext (white)
CC-SRO2000sss: SRO-2000sss(black)
CC-220-White: XP-3000int , XP-3000sss, POV-DC3
CC-XP3000ext: XP-3000ext (red)
CC-SRO3000sss: SRO3000sss (black)
CC-250-Black: NWB-250, SRO-5000sss, SRO5000int
CC-250-Red: Diablo DCS-250int
CC-XP5000int: XP-5000int (white)
CC-DNWB-250: DNWB-250 (black)
CC-XP5000int: XP-5000int (white)
CC-XP5000ext: XP-5000ext, RDCS-250ext (red)
CC-SRO5000ext: XP-5000int (black)
CC-XP5000int: XP-5000int (white)
CC-TDNW300: TDNW300 (Black)
CC-SRO6000ext: SRO-6000ext (black)
CC-RDCS300ext: RDCS-300ext (red)
CC-SRO6000sss: SRO-6000sss (black)

IMPORTANT: Collection cup lid is SOLD SEPARATELY







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