Reef Octopus Heater Controller


Aquarium Heater Controller

Requires a Heater Element to Operate


Provides Stable and Accurate Temperature to Your Aquarium

The Reef Octopus temperature controller is capable of controlling with a heater element up to 9 amps. A heating element is required to work with this controller to keep the target temperature within your set range. 

Voltage: 120v
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Function: heating
Max Power: 800 watts
Temp Range: 60F-90F
Probe Cord Length: 5ft
Power Cord Length: 3ft
Display: LCD
Temp Format: F
Temp Accuracy: +-1F

NOTE: The controller can’t be submerged, keep away from water. Keep the controller out of the reach of children. The controller probe is not food standard. The heating/chilling element should be properly located within the target liquid before operating. Temp probe should be submerged within the target liquid with adequate flow. The probe will not work in air. Only a properly grounded 120v power outlet can be used to power the controller. Contact your retailer or electrician if you are not sure how this controller should be set up. Only a power socket grounded can be used to power the controller. Warranty: One (1) year non-transferable
Can I use this with a heater that already has a temp control on it? Yes. Adjust the temperature setting on your heater to 3-5 Fahrenheit degrees higher than your desired set temperature. This will cause the heater to automatically turn on when the controller relays power to activate.

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