CoralVue Outlet Terms & Conditions.

Open-Box Products

CoralVue open-box inventory includes products that have been opened by:

  • purchasers who subsequently return them;
  • store personnel to be used as floor models;
  • store personnel for inspection due to product box damage.

Open-box products may not include original packaging.


All open-box products are checked to ensure proper operation of the products. Products that do not function are repaired and are clearly identified as refurbished/reconditioned when listed for sale. Products that pass the check are given an open-box condition rating. 

Open-box conditions

Open-box products fall into one of the following four conditions.

  • NEW — Complete detailed inspection has been done to ensure the highest quality and condition of  our unused open-box products to be free of damage or missing accessories.
  • Excellent — Like new with no scratches, dents or missing parts.
  • Good — Minor scratches or dents and/or minor parts missing such as cords and cables, remote controls and manuals
  • Fair — Products with moderate-to-significant scratches or dents and/or significant parts missing


Damages are acrylic repairs, scratches, dents or other visual problems such as slight crazing of the acrylic. When physical issues exist, the type and location of the issue will be stated.

Missing parts

Examples of missing parts are power supplies, manuals, plumbing, etc. All open-box items are certified to function.


Warranty information for specific open-box products is stated on the product page.