Mazarra P Series System Controller

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Mazarra P Series System Controller


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Wireless system control for up to 16 P series modules
Dimensions (D x L): 4.7” x 2.4” x 1.2”

Regular Price: $149.00

Special Price $126.00


Fully Programmable Photoperiod
The Mazarra can be programmed to control the photoperiod and brightness of the system throughout the day. The diagram below  illustrates how the LED channels would cycle through different intensity throughout the day.


Weather Mode
The Weather mode will simulate the effect of clouds slowly moving across the sky, casting shadows over the ocean.

As clouds slowly move across the sky, casting shadow over the ocean, the amount of sunlight received near the surface of the ocean dramatically reduced. By changing different parameters such as thickness of clouds and the speed they move at, you can program your Mazarra LED Lighting System to simulate any given day as sunny, cloudy, windy, overcast or rainy.

Dawn/Dusk Mode
When more than one Mazarra LED Module is connected to the Controller Unit, you can activate the Dawn/Dusk mode will simulate the effect of the sun slowly rises and sets over the horizon.

Dawn Mode:

Dusk Mode:

The above diagrams illustrated a sample Dawn/Dusk Mode behavior utilizing 4 LED Modules.


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