Maxspect XF130 Gyre Generator

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Revolutionary Crossflow Water Movement Technology

Max Flow 2300gph | 35~8 watts | 25-100+ gallons
Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1/2 in.


Next Generation of Water Moving Technology

The Maxspect Gyre is the world's first "gyre"- generating water moving device for aquariums. Compared to traditional powerheads and wavemakers that are based on propeller nozzle flow technology, the Maxspect Gyre is based on advanced crossflow technology which produces massive horizontal water movement leaving little to no deadspots in its wake.


Riptide Crossflow Technology

Gyre Generation

New -Crossflow Technology

A) Virtually no dead spots

B) Evenly distributed flow rate throughout the entire aquarium

C) Water bounces back from the other side to create a full circulation, ie. generating "gyre flows"


Standard Propeller Flow Technology


Other Pumps

Standard Propeller Nozzle Technology

A) Dead spots with relatively poor water movement

B) Very strong flow in the center, making coral placement very difficult

C) Very weak flow near the other end of the aquarium



Why gyre generator and not wavemaker?

Wavemakers excel in making waves, while waves are spectacular to watch in motion, they are in fact moving the majority of the water vertically up and down, with relatively low horizontal movement, especially near the bottom of the aquarium.

On the other hand, gyre generators excel in moving sheer flow of water from one side of the aquarium to the other. The sheer flow of water is so strong that i would bounce back from the opposite site to achieve full circulation within an aquarium, ie. generating "gyre flows".


Gyre XF-130 Pump Module

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10” x 2.95” x 1.57”
Weight: 1.4lb


Gyre Pump with Magnet Mount, Basic Controller with mountable cradle, Power Supply, Spare Rotors and Cages.

Power Supply Unit

Model: GM85-360200-F
Input Voltage / Current: 100\240vAC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage / Current: 24vDC 3A
Weight: 300g /0.7 lb

Cable Length: 2m (controller to pump), 1.5m (power supply to controller)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Weight and dimensions are approximate.


12 Months Limited Warranty


Customer Reviews

2 Reviews "Maxspect XF130 Gyre Generator"

I highly recommend this unit
Francisco Bernardini April 26, 2015
I highly recommend this unit - I have it in my 29 gallon BIOCUBE and it doing great - I have it running on alternating mode 33% forward about 50% in reverse - the corals (LPS and softies ) seem to like the alternating flow .. its more than powerful enough for this size tank and when I eventually move up to my 80 gallon tank I will have no issue with this pump working in there as well .. thumbs up to MAXSPECT - GREAT PRODUCT !!!!
Finally "Linear Flow"
Hawkypro April 20, 2015
First things first with this product - linear flow across the whole tank. That is worth the price alone. Second thing is that its 2 pumps in one. Its also virtually silent. It moves water like no ones business. No build up of detritus on live rock because of the linear flow.

I was using 2 Hydor power heads with a wave maker on my 75gal reef tank. But, i could never achieve the linear flow towards the bottom of the tank. Or positioning of the power heads could be tricky with each new coral that was added to the tank. Also, always had some dead spots too.

So when i bought the XF-130, I knew this was something special, just the packaging it comes in is classy, neat and comes with extra parts. The learning curve can be a little tough to get right, but if you take the time to read, mess around with the settings or go online, you will get this thing dialed in nicely. This is not a "just drop it in the water and walk away product", use power heads then if that's what your looking for. If you take the time to learn the product and what it can due for your tank, you will be pleasantly satisfied.

Pros - two power heads in one (one head in forward flow and the other in reverse flow at the same time, you can run it that way as an option for example), linear flow, quiet. options on settings, powerful ( i was able to get it to push water over the side of the tank, just buy playing with the settings.) that's just how powerful the product can be.

Cons - Price might be a deter some from buying it.

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