IceCap Deionization Resin

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DI Media Color Indicating Mixed Bed Deionization Resin

Changes Color from Blue to Brown as the media is exhausted.

Available in: 1.25lbs (1-fill), 1.5gal (6-fill) and bulk 5gal size

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1.25lbs IceCap Deionization Resin (Single Fill)

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7.5lbs IceCap Deionization Resin (6 Fill)
20lbs IceCap Deionization Resin (5 Gal Bucket)



Color Changing Mixed Bed DI Resin Media

Stage 4 - DI Media

DI filter is the last stage of water filtration for the Smart RODI reverse osmosis systems and is necessary to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to zero. 

Available in: 1.25lbs (1-fill), 1.5gal (6-fill) and bulk 5gal size


Filling a DI Cartridge is easy. The most important thing to remember is to tightly pack the DI resin into the cartridge. Loose DI will cause the water to channel through the DI, greatly reducing its effectiveness.

How to refill an empty DI Cartridge

  1. 1.) Unscrew the top cap from the DI cartridge and remove the foam ring.
  2. 2.) Pour in the DI resin and pack it down tightly by gently tapping the cartridge to help settle the resin. The resin should be tightly packed and flush to the rim.
  3. 3.) Place the foam ring back inside the top cap and screw back onto the cartridge
  4. 4.) Install DI-filled cartridge with the colored cap facing up.

Q: The brand new DI resin straight out of the bag already has 40-50% brown in it.. is it already exhausted?

A: The resin is not exhausted. Half of the DI resin beads are always brown and half are blue. The brown always stay brown and the blue resin changes from blue to clear as it is exhausted giving the appearance that the entire cartridge has turned brown.


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