IceCap CTO Carbon Block RODI Prefilter

IceCap 10" CTO Carbon Block Reverse Osmosis Prefilter

  • SKU: IC-RI-CT105

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5 Micron 10in CTO Carbon Block for Reverse Osmosis System

Industry standard 10in cartridge will fit our Smart RODI system as well as virtually every brand of RO system that use similar looking carbon blocks.


CTO 5 Micron Carbon Block Pre Filter

Carbon block pre filter is often used as the second stage filtration after the sediment filter for reverse osmosis systems water purification.
The 5 µ carbon block pre-filter removes organics and chlorine from the feed water that can damage the membrane.

NOTE: Place cartridge in an appropriate housing and flush for a minimum of 10-15 minutes prior to use. Use only with microbiologically safe and adequate disinfected water. This is a universal cartridge that can be used in any standard 10in filter housing.

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