High Seas 202B Twin Impeller Powerhead

High Seas 202B Dual Power Head

  • SKU: OCT-CVD12000

Max Flow: 12000lph / 3000gph

Power Consumption: 24w
Dimensions:  6.5" x 4.5"


High Seas 202B High Flow Twin Propeller Powerhead

Powerheads for reef keepers in need of some serious flow X-2!!!  The High Seas Dual Powerheads are super efficient- high output propeller driven flow pumps that produces massive thrust of water within fresh or saltwater aquariums. Also available in single driven models. All models come with a magnetic mount to attach it anywhere in the aquarium. There is also a swivel base that allows it to be positioned at any angle.

NOTE: Pumps are not intended to be use on timers or wave controllers.


High Seas 202B Pump Specifications 

Type: Double Propeller, Magnetic Mount
Power Consumption: 24w    Type: 110VAC/ 60Hz
Flow Range: 12000lph / 3000gph
Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5"

Measurements are approximate and can vary.


Tips & Troubleshooting
We hope you will find the following suggestions and comments regarding pump installation to be helpful. We do not claim that any of these suggestions are the only way to accomplish your job, but in general they will solve many of the commonly found problems and help you prevent many others. 

Pumps are not intended to be use on timers or wave controllers

- Pumps should should be cleaned once every two to three months
A solution of vinegar and water will make an easy chore of removing any buildup. 


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