Grey Slip Single Union Ball Valve

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Standard Grey PVC ball valve used for any application that requires control of flow with a slip x slip connection. Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2in.
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Grey Slip 2" Single Union Ball Valve
SKU: RF-1120GS
Grey Slip 1-1/2" Single Union Ball Valve
SKU: RF-1115GS
Grey Slip 1" Single Union Ball Valve
SKU: RF-1110GS
Grey Slip 3/4" Single Union Ball Valve
SKU: RF-1107GS
Grey Slip 1/2" Single Union Ball Valve
SKU: RF-1105GS


PVC Single Union Ball Valves are the industry standard that exceeds other brands and manufacturers in performance, workmanship, price, and quality. This product is manufactured with virgin PVC resin and utilizes the RedFlag Products high-quality, injection molding process. Great for high stress environments where the durability of PVC Standard Compact Ball Valves is insufficient and Butterfly Valves are not required. PVC Single Union Ball Valves are of the highest quality and functionality, surpassing peers in several key metrics. Industries: Aquaponics, aquarium, commercial plumbing, drainage, fluid handling, fountain, graywater, hydroponics, industrial & scientific, irrigation, lawn & garden, pond, pool, ranch, residential plumbing, spa, sprinkler, water harvesting, water tank

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