Giesemann MegaChrome Blue Lamp

Giesemann MegaChrome Blue Metal Halide Bulb


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Rich Blue 21000k 150w, 250w and 400w Bulb

A radiant blue spectrum which radiates actinic blue light to highlight the blue and green colors of your corals.


Giesemann MEGACHROME Blue is richer in the blue spectrum with a temperature of more than 21.000 Kelvin which radiates actinic blue light to highlight the blue and green colors of corals. You can use this bulb in combination with the MEGACHROME Marine or Coral bulbs in order to emphasize the blue colors of the whole aquarium. MEGACHROME blue is ideal for representing lighting levels at night-time or if you want to simulate the phases of the moon. Developed especially for salt-water aquariums that need a very high light performance. All colors of the fish and corals have a brilliant and fluorescent appearance due to a light spectrum with less red and a higher proportion of blue. The bulb offers a notably higher brightness than other similar lamps and therefore guarantees a considerable increase in growth of even sensitive coral types.

MEGACHROME metal halide lamps are produced in Germany and are characterized by a long lifetime and high color stability. MEGACHROME lamps are available as double ended versions (R7s respectively Fc2) or as single ended version (E40; mogul). With the development of the MEGACHROME bulbs we introduced a trend setting generation of metal halide lamps that is absolutely unique with regards to their quality and color reproduction.

MEGACHROME Marine is available in 150, 250 and 400 watts.

150 and 250 Watts - double ended
250 and 400 Watts - single ended E40
Color temperature: 21.000° Kelvin
High luminous flux



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