Elos OsmoController Advanced ATO unit

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ELOS OsmoController ATO


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ELOS OsmoController Digital ATO

Keep water levels and salinity (in Marine Aquariums) stable safely

Regular Price: $199.99

Special Price $139.00


ELOS OsmoController - Advanced Auto Top-off 

The OSMOCONTROLLER Digital uses a patent pending digital sensor with NO MOVING PARTS

To provide an adequate fail-safe the OSMOCONTROLLER Digital uses a small microprocessor in combination with a patent pending sensor to control the pump while also monitoring the top off of your system. The OSMOCONTROLLER Digital also has a manual top off button that can be used to use the system as a pump for occasional water changes and to fill a container with RO/DI water easily.

The set up of the OSMOCONTROLLER Digital is very simple. It works with most sumps without the need for programming. The unique sensor design has a built in buffer for waves and small changes in the sump that will normally cause a top off system to unnecessarily top off, which will shorten the useable life of the top off pump. Ideal for smaller reef aquariums where a small modification of the water level MUST be avoided to keep the salinity constant.


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