Elos NO4 Ammonia Test Kit

ELOS NH4 Ammonia/Ammonium Test Kit


NH4 Ammonia/Ammonium Water Analysis Kit

Marine Depot Test Kit of the Year 2013

Precise and easy to read test for ammonia for Freshwater and Marine.


Ammonia/Ammonium Water Analysis for Aquarium (NH3/4)

Ammonia (NH3) is toxic to corals, invertebrate andfishes.At high pH level (as in a marine aquarium) and atincreased temperatures, NH3 can kill the aquariuminhabitants. In freshwater aquaria its optimal levelshould be below 0.1 mg/lt. In marine aquarium itslevel should never exceed 0.05 mg/l. (It should not bedetectable by the test).

ELOS AquaTest NH3 Test offers high accuracy thanks toseveral procedures including: NIST (National Instituteof Standard and Technology) certified samples tovalidate reagents and strict stock management tosupply to our customers ONLY the freshest productionbatch available.It allows the determination of the Ammonium (NH4+)and then, thanks to the convertion table, of theAmmonia (NH3), depending on the temperature andthe pH value.

APPLICATION:Fresh-water Aquarium \Marine Aquarium

This test includes:

Calibrated Droppers-every drop administered is exactly the same size.You can do 1, 2, 3, 4x the test and the result will be always the same! Each predefined drop will produce 0.03 ml each of regent.

NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified batch Tested -Samples of each batch produced is sent out to NIST to validate the test reagents for accuracy and consistency.

Expiration dates, batch and lot numbers in every kit and every reagent -Careful batch managementand proper storage within a stable environmentresults in full life of the test kit.

Packaging,instructionsandreagentsare clearly labelled -Written and illustrated instructionsalong withprofessionally calibrated color charts,makes every elos test kit easy to understand and use.

* a sample of each batch of regents is sent to NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) aindependent seawater lab for accuracy.

Marine Depot Test Kit of the Year 2013

About ELOS Water Analysis Kits

In order to maintain good water quality, a range of test kits that offer accuracy, consistency and support, is an integral part of a successful aquarium. ELOS AquaTest Kits are designed, manufactured and tested, to standards that are unparalleled in this industry. All ELOS AquaTest kits provide the following:

Calibrated droppers:our bottles are designed to provide a consistent drop size, which is a key element in testing - regardless of who is squeezing the bottle the drop remains consistent. Many less expensive brands will rely on the cheapest possible bottles, syringes and tips that can easily skew the test results.

While all chemicals should be considered dangerous and handled accordingly,ELOS uses the highest quality reagents that are non-toxic.All ELOS boxes, instructions and reagents are clearly labelled along with childproof packaging - that amazingly is not found in some of our competitors who base their kits largely on toxic chemicals!Of course, it is more costly to use such a high grade of reagents, use proper packaging and labels, but we feel it is necessary. In some kits you will even notice a raised label for people who are vision impaired.

Validation of each Reagent batch: usingNIST(National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples. While some may claim to use, ‘lab quality components’ in their kits,ELOS validates each batch of reagents using these NIST certified samples.

Careful batch management: all chemical test kits are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures. ELOS carefully ships and stores our test kits before they ship to the retailer or final customer. This is a vital step that often is neglected.

Written and illustrated instructions along with professionally calibrated colour charts (when needed) make it easy for beginners through to experts, to use the kit correctly. Expiration dates, batch and lot numbers in every kit and every reagent, allow us to carefully track - and when needed - assist customers with questions about their kit.

When purchasing your next kit compare the elos track record of reliability, consistency and support, with any other test kit range on the market, and you will see that no test kit company compares. The ELOS Aqua Test Kit range is truly, ‘a lab quality kit designed for the hobbyist’.


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