Elos Extra Vitamin Suppliment

ELOS Extra Vitamin Supplement


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25mL Glass Bottle of Vitamin Supplement for Fish & corals

Treats up to 3,300gal of aquarium water


ELOS ExtraVitamin Supplement for Fish & Corals

Although vitamins are only one of a variety of components of a healthy diet, your ornamental fish and invertebrate requires vitamins for survival. Whereas the quantity of vitamins supplied to the fish with ELOS SVELOS OMEGA and PRO SKIMMER range is sufficient in most situations your fish require an extra portion of vitamins in some stages, like when frozen fish food is used for feeding, in stress situations caused by transportation, relocation and acclimation to the aquarium, during and after pharmaceutical treatment in order to support spawning maturity of mainly vitamin C and E, and for the raising of young fish.

Size: 25 mL glass bottle (treats 12.500 lt of aquarium water (3.300 gal)


As the aquaria we maintain start to contain diverse animal life, the need for even more complete integration becomes more of a necessity, and the make-up of these additives has to be geared more particularly and specifically to these new types of aquariums in order to satisfy the requirements of all the animal life we now keep.

Through highly efficient protein skimming, we clear organic molecules and particulate matter from our systems. The impact of this method of filtration on the availability of nourishment needs to be taken into account by the modern aquarium user.

If our target is the emulation of many of the physical and chemical factors of the water flowing over the reef, if it is true that in terms of dissolved nutrients, wild reefs are very poor in nutrients, this should not allow us to ignore the presence of the very important non-dissolved nutrients. NSW over natural reefs is often rich in planktonic organisms, and other desirable small organisms very important for the survival of filter feeders such as some coral species, tube worms, sea anemones, sponges, clams, tunicates, and in general, all the biomass of our aquarium, which in a well kept and alive system, contains a macrofauna, such as small worms and crustaceans that need energy to survive.

For the good health and husbandry of these animals, including many of the smaller-polypoid corals and soft corals, we must provide the appropriate planktonic foods.


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